Belladonna against inflammation

Belladonna against inflammation

Do you get inflamed easily, both temperamentally and physically? Do you suffer from the cold and just a little change is enough to provoke you? You could be a Belladonna!

Belladonna against inflammation

Belladonna: the characteristics 

Isn’t Belladonna a poison? That’s right: the whole plant is poisonous, especially beware of the berries, they can be deadly .

So if in our walks in the mountains we come across a small plant with an erect stem that can reach a meter and a half in height with purple flowers in the shape of a chalice or with berries similar to blueberries, in the uncertainty we do not taste anything, we could remain “dry “!

The dangerous components that have an activity on the central nervous system are 3 alkaloids :

1. atropine which acts on the parasympathetic system with sedative effects, dilates the pupils and can be fatal,
2. hyoscyamine;
3. scopolamine with antispasmodic properties.

Do not worry, the homeopathic remedy is obtained by diluting and dynamizing the tincture of Belladonna and when it is taken to our body only the message of rebalancing of the decompensation arrives.


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Belladonna: The Homeopathic Remedy

Belladonna is a broad spectrum homeopathic remedy that is used to rebalance alterations caused by many types of pathologies. It is in fact counted among the polychromatic remedies for these characteristics.

Specifically, Belladonna is indicated in case of symptoms due to inflammation , which manifests itself with sudden redness, heat and / or burning, or swelling. Often the pain is throbbing, with fever , even high from delirium.

The characterizing aspect is hyper-excitability, intolerance to evil, to sources of noise and light. It is particularly suitable for those who suffer from inflammation that starts from the head or in any case from the upper parts of the body and then reverberates downwards.

They are pains that become acute with:

> the cold; 
> the noise;
> sources of annoyance that further disturb;
> lying down also seems to exacerbate the discomfort.

Belladonna can be adopted in cases such as:

> respiratory system diseases;
>  cold ; 
influence ;
sore throat with inflammation of the part and difficulty in swallowing;
> dry cough ;
otitis ; 
conjunctivitis ;
> exanthematous diseases with major skin rashes;
sunburn ;
> chilblains;
eczema ;
abscesses .

Furthermore , Belladonna acts to restore the right balance in case of disorders such as:

headaches ;
neuralgia ;
insomnia ;
depression ;
> convulsions;
gastritis ;
colitis .

The dosage is determined by the doctor and could also include a synergistic remedy to reinforce the message of similarity of the cure.


The Belladonna typology

Similia similibus curantur is the mantra of homeopathy, so let’s see what the subject Belladonna looks like.

Generally it is a pleasant person, who in conditions of equilibrium is comfortable in the company of others, but is easily decompensated by disturbing elements , takes off quickly, becomes emotionally inflamed, tendentially nervous if subjected to stress .


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