The airline imposes a diet on the stewardesses

The airline imposes a diet on the stewardesses

Pakistan International Airlines puts its stewardesses on the spot . The women who work as hostesses for this airline company, in fact, will be forced to lose weight by July with a strict diet that the same company has made available to them.

And those who do not lose weight or follow the diet risk being fired or changed roles. But not only the hostesses received the diet plan, the stewards too

All cabin crew who are overweight, i.e. with a body mass index above 25, must lose an average of 13 kilos by July , and an average of two and a half kilos a month, or there will be trouble. It is not enough. To check that the cabin crew is following the diet, inspectors will carry out a monthly medical check-up.
The same check will also be performed on on-board personnel who are not overweight.
The company explains that it is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of the health and “safety” of the flight.

Both Pakistan International Airlines stewardesses and stewards threaten to turn to the union. But it is not the first time that this company has made a name for itself. Due to the serious accidents of recent years and the breakdowns of their engines, Pakistan International Airlines is currently on the blacklist of airlines.

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