Here is our review of the Asus TUF Gaming K7 keyboard, a recent quality gaming product from the renowned Asus TUF brand.

The world of mechanical keyboards is day by day more and more common for gamers, at least as far as PC Gaming is concerned . Products designed to be of high quality and make the playful sessions of the players more enjoyable and immersive, thanks to the sensations offered and the various features of each product. We have seen the evolution of many technologies in this area, from the arrival of the well-known Cherry MX in many variations, to the addition of software and hardware changes for the most demanding users. The well-known brand Asus TUF , obviously part of the Asus company , has recently patented and launched a keyboard on the marketvery different from the standards we are used to by now, which sacrifices some details in order to focus every shred of its strength on quality: we are talking about the Asus TUF Gaming K7 keyboard .

Asus TUF Gaming K7It is undoubtedly a perfect product for gamers, which can however be used in any area thanks to its characteristics and its resistance, really impressive considering in particular its quite small size compared to today’s standards of mechanical keyboards. Let’s find out more together over the next few lines!

The resistance of the Asus TUF Gaming K7

The Asus TUF Gaming K7 is a really solid and durable keyboard

The packaging of the Asus TUF Gaming K7, mostly black with gray tones and really elegant, already lets us glimpse a part of the product. Through a practical window it is in fact possible to try the directional keys located at the bottom right, even before opening, which is obviously the next step. In the package we find a rather short USB 2.0 cable , already connected to the keyboard and not removable, together with a magnetic palm restwhich we will deepen later. The basis from which Asus starts in the realization of this product concerns the quality and resistance, and that is why the article in question is not formed only by hard plastic – which would be easily justified by the price (just over 100 €) – which is present only in the underlying part. The entire surface provides premium feedback thanks to aluminum , the main material used. You want for the IP56 certification , thanks to which the product is almost immune to liquids and dust , or for ultra-resistant keys that allow about double the pressures compared to classic mechanical keyboards – 100 million in this specific case –the Asus TUF Gaming K7 is truly indestructible and very solid .Asus TUF Gaming K7

Its dimensions give the product a compactness that is nothing short of interesting , we are talking about 43.9cm in length, 13.1cm in width and 3.7cm in thickness, for a truly record-breaking total weight of only 794 grams . The upper part consists of a layout also available in the Italian version, which unfortunately lacks the multimedia keys at the top right , but which is perfect for a large range of users in our country. Instead, the lower one guarantees us the classic levers to keep the body higher and anti-slip rubber pads to avoid accidents during hours of use. Unfortunately, the Keycap Remover is missing; although it is quite easy to remove the individual keys, the product is not designed to make this operation happen frequently.

The palm rest provides premium feedback just like everything else , and is built with Cloudfoam technology ; this is extremely comfortable and allows you to use almost all the buttons without lifting your wrists, it is also quite large and therefore adapts to the various positions that users can take. Fortunately, the same is connected thanks to magnets placed on the final part at the bottom of the keyboard , thus avoiding the classic joints and avoiding the breakage of any levers that would compromise its use and comfort.

Technological gem

The product is perfect for gaming thanks to its peculiarities

In terms of aesthetics and consistency, the product is really successful, but let’s not forget the software side and the various technologies that make it dedicated to the gaming world. It starts from the keys that provide ultra-fast input , up to 25 times more than the classic standard , and therefore allow an out-of-the-ordinary responsiveness. For the latter, optical-mechanical switches have been used instead of the classic Cherry MX , which produce an average amount of noise but still audible while listening to the audio with headphones. The speed is also guaranteed for the 1000hz polling rate , which is the frequency with which the computer receives inputs from the product. Anti-Ghosting technologyon the other hand, it ensures that pressing several keys at the same time does not risk not bringing some inputs to a successful conclusion, a feature that is especially useful for the most frenetic play experiences.Asus TUF Gaming K7

As the tradition of gaming products wants, even the RGB have not been neglected , and are implemented on the software side thanks to the Aura Sync software . This is a proprietary Asus program which, however, fails to provide the same potential as other companies’ software do, a small defect that is added to the ability to add only 3 extra profiles to the keyboard compared to the default one . For the other types of settings, the Armory II software is used , which allows you to create interesting combinations and personalize your user experience to the maximum.

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