The 1200 calorie low glycemic index diet

The 1200 calorie low glycemic index diet

This 1200 calorie low glycemic index diet is a quick weight loss program developed by dietitian Juliette Kellow to lose a pound a week or so.

It can be done for two weeks to lose about 2-3 pounds.
It was developed for the Weight Loss Resources website and I present it to you in a simplified version.

Note: coffee, tea or herbal teas are as desired as long as they are sugar-free. Foods must be weighed raw.


Breakfast. Porridge with 40 gr of oat flakes, 200 ml of skimmed milk, cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey + 100 gr of orange or kiwi.

Lunch. 100 gr of chicken breast in salad with 100 gr of green salad, a teaspoon of oil, lemon juice and mustard + 50 gr of wholemeal bread or 2 slices of rye bread.

Dinner. 50 g of wholemeal pasta with 200 g of shrimp or clams or mussels, 100 g of cherry tomatoes and parsley, garlic and a teaspoon of oil.

Breakfast. 125 gr of natural low-fat yogurt with an apple reduced to 100 gr pieces, two dehydrated apricots in pieces, a tablespoon of oat flakes and a teaspoon of honey.

Lunch. 240 gr of lentils or cannellini beans already boiled and sautéed in a pan with a spoonful of basil sauce. Two slices of toasted rye bread or 50 g of wholemeal bread. Two small plums.

Dinner. 180 gr of cod in foil, with 100 gr of potatoes in a salad with 70 gr of green beans and lemon juice.

Breakfast. 100 gr of chopped pear with 150 gr low-fat yogurt, a teaspoon of honey, cinnamon and a spoonful of pumpkin seeds.

Lunch. 116 gr of natural tuna with 100 gr of crown or sponge beans, a medium tomato in pieces, half a Tropea onion, a teaspoon of oil and a little vinegar. A slice of toasted rye bread.

Dinner. 150 gr of turkey breast with 200 gr of vegetables of your choice grilled or in a pan in a teaspoon of oil + 50 gr basmati rice.

Breakfast . Porridge with 40 g of oat flakes, 200 ml of skim milk, 80 g of blueberries or strawberries and stevia to taste.

Lunch. 200 gr of cannellini beans or chickpeas in soup with garlic, rosemary and a teaspoon of oil, a slice of rye bread, 100 gr of orange or kiwi.

Dinner. 100 gr of baked sea bream or sea bass, accompanied with 50 gr of already boiled lentils and 100 gr of steamed spinach.

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