Electrostimulation and passive gymnastics to stay fit

Electrostimulation and passive gymnastics to stay fit

a type of muscle stimulation initially and mainly used in the field of rehabilitation, through electrical stimulation machines ranging from professional (those supplied in physiotherapy centers, hospitals, etc.) to domestic. Electrostimulation acts on the muscle through electrodes that release impulses : it works, for rehabilitation purposes, in the event that all the electrodes are directed to make the muscle work (for example, the leg), giving it that little bit of activity through stimulation that the long period of inactivity has precluded it, reducing it. Also for rehabilitation purposes (I tell you from personal experience),the result is relative, very relative , and works when combined with other treatments. Then we moved on to electro-stimulation in the aesthetic field , with machines to do passive gymnastics in order to firm up the buttocks, inner thighs, stomach, pectorals. Then we moved on to advertising , which puts models who break their buttocks in the gym and makes us believe that they have managed to have that body with the device. As for the slimming band, in short, all passive gymnastics that uses electrostimulation do not make you lose weight: if associated with active gymnastics, with a real, serious, workout, it can help tone and firm up , but: lost kilos? dissolve fat? be a turtle? No.

passive gymnastics

Same thing for passive gymnastics with a vibrating effect , or even worse with infrared, with advertisements that see a bodybuilder hovering over any accident that vibrates or makes red rays. Or the machinery with bands. An aunt of mine was a beautician. I have never seen a client of her slim and without cellulite after the treatment with the bands, even after months. So let’s call electrostimulation and passive gymnastics with their name: adjuvants. Of decent physical activity.

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