Successfully lose weight, strategies

Successfully lose weight, strategies

How to lose weight and not gain weight? How to lose weight successfully? Here are the strategies you need to know if you don’t want to be a victim of your own diet, and if you’re fed up with not getting lasting results.

1) The weekly cheat is done away from home:if you have to go wrong and are allowed a free meal, follow this very important rule. Eat an ice cream out, go get yourself a pizza, but don’t cook or buy things that you will keep at home. I tell you this for two reasons: the first is called “last meal syndrome”. You buy a packet of cookies to eat 10 on the day of the sgarro (or a tub of ice cream or whatever you want). You don’t want to overdo it, and the next day you know you need to get back on the diet. But… the cookies remained. And the temptation to finish them all in the same day to get rid of the thought, or resist and then have them in the pantry even if you are on a diet, is a small trap: you end up eating too much on the day off or cheating on the diet on days when you are not on a diet. you should, allowing yourself small cheats that you shouldn’t do. Better get out,
2) The house must be cleansed of all temptation: even if you live in the family, if you have children, if you have a wife or a husband, well, I have bad news to give you. Of course, I’m not saying that everyone has to go on a diet, but you’d better do your best to find light and healthy solutions for them too. You can’t think of going on a diet and finding yourself a refrigerator full of sweets or things you can’t eat every day, a freezer with frozen pizzas, chips in the pantry. The food you love but strongly limit or eliminate doesn’t always have to be in front of your eyes. 3) Before you act, think about the after:

 the temptation to go on a very crash diet to get immediate results, or to go to the gym every day so you lose weight sooner is part of that all-or-nothing mentality that is one of the reasons why diets fail. You give one hundred percent the first week, by the third you are already blown. Always if you get there and haven’t given up on the diet before. Whenever you have the desire to go on very drastic diets, always ask yourself: what will happen next? Will I go to the gym every day after that? And how will I do with the power supply? Find a regime that is sustainable and that is not too far from the future maintenance plan. This way you will not regain weight and will successfully lose weight.
4) Things that work great for others may not necessarily work for you:all slimming diets make you lose weight, of course, but not all slimming diets are, just as obviously, for you. You have to learn to put your knowledge of yourself on the plate, literally. You’ve probably done diets before, ask yourself why they didn’t work, what were the problems you encountered. And try to find solutions before you go back on a diet. The more you customize your weight loss plan, the more you will have the chance not to give up.

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