Stress treated with phytotherapy

Stress treated with phytotherapy

Stress corresponds to an adaptive response of the organism , which is faced with accelerated rhythms of life, insufficient rest, dietary imbalances, psychological events that can cause anxiety, insomnia, irritability, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and depression. Let’s see the various herbal remedies to treat it.

>   1. Medicinal plants against stress

>   2. Natural products

>   3. Bach flowers to cure stress

>   4. Essential oils for stress


In  phytotherapy  , officinal plants with adaptogenic activity and natural products are used,  in order to produce a general improvement in psychophysical conditions , in conditions of stress.

Thanks to their innumerable properties, these remedies have a balancing action on the immune endocrine nervous and cardio-circulatory systems . The use of essential oils and Bach flowers is also very effective in harmonizing the altered moods associated with this disorder.

Our body defends itself from stress by producing biological , hormonal , neurovegetative and immune modifications , in order to improve the resistance and defense capacity , both from a behavioral and physiological point of view. The adaptation response is greatest in young people aged 20-30 years, while it halves after 70 years. 

If the reaction of our organism is very intense or too prolonged , the natural balance mechanisms may prove to be insufficient and cause various kinds of imbalances . A constant sense of fatigue , apathy , lack of vitality ensues; difficulty remembering, decreased performance in study and intellectual work, difficulty in maintaining concentration.

To this condition is often added an incorrect lifestyle , exposure to UVA and UVB rays , to air pollution , to toxic substances (such as solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, detergents), a diet lacking in mineral salts and vitamins. and excessive psycho-physical fatigue, all factors that weaken the organism by aging it prematurely.

Medicinal plants in case of stress

  • Adaptogenic plants : in the face of a situation of stress and psychophysical exhaustion , they increase resistance to fatigue , regulate metabolic functions , and improve cognitive abilities . Ginseng , which favors the   body’s   ability to adapt to stress , rhodiola  rosea, eleutherococcus, guarana, damiana and  Andean maca belong to this category  . These plants are able to act on the immune, endocrine and nervous systems, improving their functionality, and to promote the body’s ability to adapt to climatic or seasonal changes . Finally, adaptogens are a valuable aid to combat the drop in libido and sexual asthenia in both sexes. These revitalizing and aphrodisiac properties are due to the presence of components with a stimulating action on the endocrine glands, especially the adrenal ones, the ovaries and the testicles.
  • Fermented papaya : used to invigorate the body , raise the immune system and slow down the premature aging process , caused by the action of free radicals and stress . The reason for its use is given by the presence of numerous enzymes , mineral salts and vitamins and flavonoids,  which perform an antioxidant , energizing action ; immunostimulating and protective against cardiovascular diseases.
  • Astragalus : it is one of the most important immunostimulating plants of the European flora, and due to its properties it is used effectively in the prevention and treatment of ailments that can be encountered, during periods ofpsychophysical overmenage , such as colds and other infections . Furthermore, the plant has adaptogenic properties , because it increases the growth , metabolism and longevity of the cells , thus supporting the body’s tolerance to stress . Its intake is therefore indicated to counteract fatigue,fatigue and convalescence;  to increase learning and memory performance , and improve sleep duration for its relaxing effects . Astragalus has also shown a cardiotonic action , capable of intervening on the metabolism of sodium and potassium , reducing blood pressure and therefore useful in case of hypertension and angina pectoris, because it supports the functionality of the cardiovascular system as a whole.

You can learn more about the properties of plant adaptogens useful against stress

Natural products

The so -called beehive products are among the most ancient natural remedies , used for generations to fortify the body in particular periods, such as seasonal changes , before an exam , in moments of tiredness , fatigue , difficulty concentrating or convalescence .  

  • Pollen : it is used in phytotherapy as a tonic because it is a complete food , rich in proteins ; amino acids; lipids ; unsaturated fatty acids and sterols ; vitamins (vitamin C, A, pantothenic acid, folic acid, B complex); enzymes ; hormones ; antibiotic factors minerals. Thanks to the DNA and RNA molecules , it strengthens and nourishes the entire organism, fights states of psychophysical fatigue , revealing itself to be an excellent adaptogen . THEflavonoids , powerful antioxidants contained in pollen, counteract the onset of cardiovascular diseases, because they lower cholesterol , strengthen capillaries , reduce inflammation and fight the formation of free radicals , responsible for cellular aging. In particular, quercetin has an immunomodulating action and is therefore very useful in the treatment of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, fever and allergy.
  • Royal jelly :  supporting physiological functions,  increases the  body ‘s ability to adapt  to external stimuli and physical endurance . This natural product is made up of proteins , including phospholipids , glycerides , waxes and essential fatty acids , vitamins (A, complex B, P and H), minerals, and enzymes , which give this precious food tonic, nourishing and restorative properties. For this reason it is considered an excellent remedy against demineralization of the organism and deteriorationdue to a diet lacking in essential nutrients and excessive thinness , debilitation , fatigue , convalescence . Royal jelly also acts on the mood because it has euphoric properties and is able to fight depression and balance the psychic and autonomic system . The presence of acetylcholine , a substance present in the nervous tissue, important in the transmission of impulses, provides royal jelly with a protective action on the nervous system, counteracting anxiety and sleep disturbances.

Also discover homeopathic remedies for stress

Bach flowers for stress

  • Elm : it is used instates of stress resulting from the anxietyof not being able to facetoo many responsibilitiesand one thinks of not being able to complete one’s task. In an excessive daily commitment, the individual who needs Elm finds himself going through a moment offatigueandpsycho-physical exhaustion.   The first of the benefits that this Bach flower brings is a rapidenergy improvement, withgreater concentrationandworking capacity. He helps to face problems with theright proportion, in order to overcome them, pondering and beingaware of one’s limits 
  • Hornbeam : represents the “Monday morning syndrome“, with difficulty in starting the day, mental fatigue due to demotivation, routine; these people doubt that they will not be able to face the day, fulfill their duties and tasks, have difficulty coping with problems and carrying out their obligations, which is usually not a problem. Sleep does not give them proper rest, in the presence of an illness they doubt that they have enough strength to heal, they have a distinct loss of will, they present asthenia and all what you have to start gives you fatigue and tiredness.
  • Olives : those who find themselves having to resort to this floral remedy have worked hard , or have suffered intense and prolonged stress , to the point of no longer having the energy to face the minimum tasks. The individual may have suffered a lot physically and emotionally, he feels weak, like after an exam, a job, a relationship, the struggle for an ideal. This exhaustion of physical and mental energy causes depression, the desire to escape from life , or from commitments in general. This flower is a real energy supplement , it  is indicated for those who feel exhausted by  heavy tasksand who want to completely regenerate. in the face they show pallor, body heaviness, dry skin, due to lack of fluids, low and passive mood, they can also suffer from anemia, daytime insomnia, hunger crises, it is often used during convalescence after an illness.

Essential oils

Due to their harmonizing, toning and relaxing activity in subtle aromatherapy, there are many essential oils with an anti-stress action , so we recommend an essential oil for each  note . 

  • Lemon essential oil : top note ,  calming on the psyche and nervous system , if inhaled it helps in case of anxiety disorders, nervousness that causes headaches or insomnia and improves memory . Prevents blockages of the sympathetic nervous system, stimulates parasympathetic functions. It supports, instills courage and determination . When one is forced to undergo oppression, persecution and oppression of various kinds, it helps to free oneself from conditioning .
  • Laurel essential oil : heart note , if inhaled it activates energy gently, strengthens the ability to concentrate and memory ; develops creativity ; calms fears and performance anxiety . When self-confidence is lacking, one is afraid of speaking in public , fear of not being up to par or of not being able to achieve one’s goals: it promotes psychic awareness and intuition , “making the impossible possible” . Useful in case of exhaustion , fatigue and stress .
  • Patchouli essential oil : base note , has a tonic and stimulating action, useful in case of depression and mental numbness; while it is calming and relaxing in case of anxiety. If inhaled, it causes the pituitary gland to produce endorphins useful for those who cannot let go (frigidity) or have a drop in libido : it increases concentration and energy. Recommended for more mature people who, due to their social and professional life, have to control their physical impulses, and suffer from psycho-physical exhaustion or sexual disorders,due to stressful conditions

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