Spring Equinox, time for new beginnings

Spring Equinox, time for new beginnings

At 09:37 Italian time on March 20, for astronomers, spring 2021 officially begins in our hemisphere. An important moment not only from a climatic point of view, but also from an energetic point of view, because with the spring equinox (astrology also states this) a new cycle of life opens up.


The origins of the equinox

The term equinox derives from the Latin “ aequa nox ” (equal night, referring to the duration of the nocturnal period equal to the diurnal one) and indicates that moment of the earth’s revolution around the sun in which the latter is at the zenith of the equator .

Understanding the precise moments of the solstices and, above all, of the equinoxes has not always been easy, because in the course of history man has not always had access to precise astronomical data and measurements. We had to rely on our inevitably inaccurate calendars.

In both the autumnal and spring equinoxes the length of the day is the same as that of the night all over the world. The Equinoxes, like the solstices, mark the changing of the seasons.

While the spring equinox marks the transition from nature’s “death” of winter to the resurgence of spring life, the autumn equinox marks the end of the harvest and preparations to face the rigors of cold winter.

The date and time of the equinox vary from year to year : the Spring Equinox occurs between 19 and 21 March, the Autumn Equinox occurs between 21 and 23 September.

This year the vernal equinox begins on March 20, at 09:37.

The March equinox, for the Catholic Church, has a fundamental significance. This, in fact, determines each year the date of Easter, which falls on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox. 

Energetic significance of the vernal equinox

The spring equinox determines the end of the winter season : the hours of light increase, the temperatures become milder , the trees bloom and all of nature is pervaded by a new energy, strong and seething. Spring means fervor , enthusiasm, will to live.

life-giving force that renews all the energies of the organism and brings new freshness to thoughts and feelings. The warmth of the sun , the awakening of nature, affect our mood: the desire to go out, explore, travel, play sports increases.

Forces tend to be projected mainly outwards, something that will lead us to get in touch with our energy, mental and physical, in a different way. 

We leave behind the greyness of winter , and we are ready to open ourselves to new experiences, new situations. Starting something new, opening up to a new cycle: this is the meaning of the vernal equinox. A good opportunity to bring new energy to those areas of our life that we perceive as stagnant and that require action, change, courage.

Acting following our instincts and intuition is something that can be useful in this period, to accelerate the processes of change, or to restore some balances that we feel precarious.

To be reborn, renewed, reinvented, with courage and a pinch of unconsciousness, without thinking too much, starting from a simple but important question: “what kind of life do I want to live? “

The vernal equinox in astrology

With the spring equinox in astrology , a new astrological year begins , marked by the entry of the Sun in the sign of Aries , a strictly martial sign – we are in March, not surprisingly – symbol of the Fire Creator: the Sun is in exaltation in this sign. New energies are in sight, energies that speak of hope, light, change .

Compared to last year, marked by the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which has made us feel limited, controlled or isolated due to the pandemic, creating frustrating life circumstances, the New Year’s Astrological Sky Charter is far more reassuring. Therefore, we must not be discouraged by the start of the year that is still a bit tiring, because the second part of 2021 is definitely downhill.

The sky chart of the equinox shows an Ascendant , Moon and Mars in the sign of Gemini , a light, fun sign, always in motion, very much inclined to sociability. This means that we will feel the need to socialize more, to move more, to open up to new experiences, and certainly we will not tolerate any limitations or restrictions. They are very stimulating energies but which can sometimes manifest themselves in the form of an excess of stimuli, of mental excitement, accompanied by a way of communicating that is a little too assertive.

The predominance of the air element indicates that it will be easier to see where our life paths connect or diverge with those of others without getting bogged down in paralyzing confrontations or attachments. Over the course of the year it will be easier to move and many restrictions will tend to disappear, as early as mid-May we could have more freedom in moving.

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