Mouth ulcers, causes and natural remedies

Mouth ulcers, causes and natural remedies

The best natural remedies to relieve pain caused by mouth ulcers and promote wound healing.


Aphthae are small lesions of the mucous membrane of the mouth , which can appear in the area of ​​the lips, cheeks, palate. Aphthae are a fairly common ailment whose causes are not yet fully understood.

These are very annoying and painful ulcers , which often make it difficult to eat or talk. In addition, they tend to relapse and reappear following infections, drug administration, exposure to irritants, or as a result of trauma to the mouth and dietary deficiencies.

Generally, canker sores tend to disappear spontaneously within a few days but it can still be useful to resort to natural remedies to relieve symptoms and speed up healing.

The causes of the formation of canker sores in the mouth

Although the causes behind the onset of canker sores are not completely clear, it has been noted that these ulcers form mainly in the case of:

  • Poorly balanced diet and lack of vitamin B12 , iron , folic acid . It has also been seen that some foods and substances, such as nuts, pineapples, spices, spicy foods, gluten, alcohol or dairy products can favor the appearance;
  • periods of severe stress and physical or mental fatigue;
  • immune system disorders or genetic factors;
  • intestinal imbalances;
  • injuries caused by the use of toothbrushes or braces;
  • hormonal imbalances , for example during the menstrual period.

Natural remedies for canker sores in the mouth

To relieve pain and speed up the healing of canker sores, here are some tips and natural remedies .



Maintaining your diet by increasing the quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables, and foods rich in vitamins of group B, iron, vitamin C and folic acid, including legumes and whole grains can help to prevent the onset of canker sores since a healthy diet and balanced it allows a good functioning of the whole organism.  

To avoid worsening the symptoms, when canker sores appear, it would be good to exclude particularly spicy or spicy, too cold or too hot foods and refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking.

Tea tree oil

The essential oil of malaleuca or tea tree oil is a valid remedy against numerous ailments, including canker sores. To speed up the healing of the lesions, mouth rinses are carried out with three drops of tea tree oil dispersed in water, two or three times a day.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel has  soothing and healing properties that help relieve canker sores. You can use the gel that comes out of the leaves, if you have an aloe plant, or buy aloe juice to make mouth rinses and local applications.


Chamomile has a soothing, protective and anti – inflammatory action and helps to counteract the pain caused by canker sores. To take advantage of the properties of chamomile against canker sores, it is sufficient to rinse with the warm infusion prepared with fresh or dried flower heads.


Calendula has anti – inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties useful in the treatment of canker sores and other affections affecting the mouth. The mother tincture diluted in water is used to rinse several times a day.

Live lactic ferments

Live lactic ferments contribute to the health of the intestine, the malfunction of which can lead to the appearance of canker sores. They are taken in the form of supplements or by consuming probiotic foods, such as yogurt and kefir.


Applications with propolis directly on canker sores can help relieve symptoms. Internal use, on the other hand, is useful for supporting the immune system.


Warning : Canker sores are not to be confused with fever blisters, which are contagious sores caused by the herpes simplex virus that are usually found around the lips.

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