Slimming mulberry and Carboburner

Slimming mulberry and Carboburner

Dietary supplements for weight loss follow historical courses and appeals : people tend to forget that research has disproved the slimming powers of Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee, yerba mate, chitosan, pineapple stem, artichoke extract, extract of papaya, raspberry ketone and so on. All natural substances that yes, eaten by the kilos could have the effect of pushing us to burn a hundred more calories, to want to be optimistic: it is a pity that there are many kilos to lose, and to trust miraculous supplements that aim to make you lose weight with false testimonies it really means wanting to believe in the donkey that flies (carrying your extra kilos as ballast). So here is yet another product that does nothing,promoted by a company that sponsors it, as usual by inventing a story behind it : I now cheer for the trend of accidental discovery (the housewife who makes a smoothie or tries a new coffee and the next day while eating the evening so many good things, oops, she lost a kilo!), but I admit that even ” the secret of the people ” (which can be the ancient tribe, the Japanese, etc.) continues to make victims. And so here is the slimming mulberry , with a new product on the market that is becoming popular on facebook: the Carboburner ! We all needed yet another advertisement for yet another supplement complete with fake testimonials.
Mulberry for weight loss. According to legend , the Japanese white mulberry burns excess sugars, that is, it is a natural hypoglycemic agent . In fact, if it is true that some studies have said that the mulberry leaf extract or decoction would be useful for keeping blood sugar under control, you should not expect some kind of miracle of nature . Red fruits also have similar properties and a lot of berries. Also a lot of vegetables and a lot of spices. Embè?

It would be enough to eat more fruits and vegetables, or go to a herbalist’s shop to look for mulberry berry extract or leaves for the decoction. They are also usefulfor increasing regularity.  No clinical study has confirmed that more than any other plant precisely the mulberry, the white mulberry, the white mulberry leaf, the bark of the mulberry tree, the soil in which the mulberry grows, the water with which the Mulberry plant from the pharmacist’s grandmother who made the incredible discovery have real sugar-burning power . No. And even if the white mulberry had these properties like a thousand other vegetables, there is no evidence that Carboburner, perhaps a reinterpretation of the previous Glucoburner or Zuccarin, will melt the extra pounds, allowing you to stuff yourself with pasta and cream puffs.
But do you think? How does one property of a fruit make you lose so many pounds?There is no such thing on the face of the Earth, precisely because we are talking about a property of a fruit, of something vegetable, natural, which has a mild action, is not a drug, and does not cut the nine thousand calories necessary to burn a pound of fat. Instead, look at the photo on fb: here it says that Marta weighs 38 kilos and 1400 people click like it, 400 share the news, over 800 comment on it asking where you can buy it . Given that it would be enough to do a single google search to discover, if you have never known it before, that the story of the mulberry that makes you lose weight is a scam … er, an exaggeration.

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