Sleeping little: 5 reasons to avoid it

Sleeping little: 5 reasons to avoid it

Never deprive yourself of sleep. The brain needs it to reorganize. Not only that: it is as if the neurons become more united with each other, feeding on rest. How important it is to sleep, how important is taking care of nutrition and not exposing yourself to too many stimuli that come from technology

Sleeping little: 5 reasons to avoid it

Feeling tired all the time is not normal. With this we do not mean that those who sleep a few hours live in any case a not very advantageous condition. Each has their own personal balance.

But it is important to define the time slot in which the body requires to rest .

The hours of sleep should coincide with the dark not so much for a reason linked to the benefits of sunlight, but also because in almost all ancient traditions (Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, etc.) the night time slots are “manned” from certain organs, viscera and sense organs .

An example? In Chinese medicine the maximum energetic time of the liver is from 1 to 3. Think about how much alcohol adults and young people consume at this time.

The filter organ is ready to enjoy Morpheus’ embrace and we give him an anomalous wave of alcohol. Upon awakening, there can be a feeling of invasive fatigue.  

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t deprive yourself of sleep

In America, those who get little sleep and fail to rest well are classified as “chronically sleep deprived” . Often, if you look behind this disorder, you will find an excess of foods that overload the liver (on the subject we invite you to find out when the liver itself requires purification), alcohol, smoking, stimuli given by computers and television or other devices. This is associated with difficulty concentrating and sudden drops in memory or real gaps. 

When you are in sleep debt, you run several risks including:

  1. mood disturbances;
  2. difficulty concentrating;
  3. metabolic problems (especially glucose); 
  4. high pressure;
  5. fragility of the immune system.  

The benefits of sleep

The benefits of sleep? The brain benefits from this and reorganizes itself properly. Neurons strengthen their bond. 

Expect to resort to medication in case you find yourself not sleeping. Go back to simple sleep education rules first. Regular physical activity is imperative.

If you like yogic practice, Yoga Nidra is great for this type of problem but also other approaches such as meditation , including moving ones ( Tai chi chuan ).

In America I had known specific yoga programs aimed at improving the quality of sleep, developed by people like Ann Dyer. In general, it doesn’t take a guru. The teacher or teacher is someone you trust. This matters. 

Eating habits should go towards a will to sanitize the body. It is not bad to periodically abolish sugars, alcohol, coffee or industrial foods. Not only that: eat slowly . Make your meal a meditation because the ability to sleep well and digestion go hand in hand After 10 pm , turn off cell phones, TVs, computers , at least for a while, to see the effect it has, especially on your nervous system.

An interesting detail: in NLP “anchoring” is a phenomenon that occurs when an emotion is linked to a place or an object, when it is charged with emotionality. In this sense, certain habits should be avoided:  watching TV or reading in bed .

It is good that your brain connects the resting place to the bed. So, from time to time, take off the remote and land the book.

Herbs to sleep well : escolzia, passionflower, valerian and much more. 


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