Hemorrhoids in pregnancy: 3 useful remedies

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy: 3 useful remedies

Pregnancy is often accompanied by unpleasant manifestations such as hemorrhoids, as if to further underline the vital force that is about to blossom and that manifests itself beyond the body’s boundaries.

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy: 3 useful remedies

Pregnancy marks a profound transformation of the female body , both physically / mechanically and hormonally and these changes can cause the onset of hemorrhoids .

Let’s see in detail how to intervene with natural remedies.

Natural remedies to combat hemorrhoids in pregnancy

It is essential to facilitate intestinal transit with a diet rich in fiber and with physical movement compatible with the conditions of the expectant mother, in order to counteract constipation.

Let’s see 3 useful remedies that act topically.

Mucilage of witch hazel

It has a protective action on veins and vessels, thanks to the presence of flavonoids and triterpenes. The witch hazel has astringent properties , thanks to its tannins and hemostats. Its mucilage is suitable for topical use with an effective anti-inflammatory activity .

witch hazel

Aloe Vera gel

It has a healing and soothing action . Thanks to the stimulation of fibroblasts and collagen  , aloe vera assists the re-epithelialization processes, heals hemorrhoidal fissures and haemorrhagic nodules, anti-inflammatory, counteracts vasodilation and prolapse. The gel for topical use also has an antibacterial and analgesic action.

freezes aloe

Horse chestnut gel

It boasts anti-inflammatory, astringent, phlebotonic and soothing properties , thanks to the saponin component, in particular aescin and flavonoids.

Horse chestnut is indicated for hemorrhoids, fissures, varicose veins, capillary fragility. It performs an effective decongestant action to counteract venous stagnation, gives turgor to the veins.

horse chestnut


ind out about the remedies for postpartum hemorrhoids

The causes of hemorrhoids in pregnancy

During pregnancy , as the months progress, the enlargement of the uterus and the weight of the fetus exert significant pressure both on the intestine and on the pelvic and rectal veins. As a consequence, on the one hand, episodes of constipation may occur , and on the other, problems with blood flow, stagnation and venous weakening .

At the hormonal level, the increase in estrogen, especially progesterone causes a connective hypotonia : in other words, the walls of the veins relax and prolapses, varicose veins, hemorrhoids arise.

Psychosomatic reading sees in the blood vessels a way of communicating the vital force , which is so strong, energetic, that it makes its presence felt and with it all the weight of the responsibilities it necessarily generates.

It is a constipated, congested energy that has to go out, flow (with bleeding), find its way to expand. This key is an analogical view of pregnancy and an unconscious manifestation of the concern that the birth of a new life brings to the parent.


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