Shiatsu for children

Shiatsu for children

Shiatsu relieves many pains, but it is also a massage to convey serenity to the child and treat the small symptoms he suffers, while trying to adapt to his surroundings: let’s find out together!

Shiatsu for children

Pediatric shiatsu

Shiatsu massage techniques come from the East, from Japan . The word itself means “finger pressure”; correctly performed, these massage techniques bring great benefit and relaxation, as a relief to pains such as shoulder pain and stiff neck or back pain , in particular they relieve low back pain . But shiatsu is not only indicated for adults, but helps to cure certain symptoms typical of very young children, such as colic, colds, sleep disorders, nervousness .

Neonatal shiatsu

The gentle movements that stimulate vital energy and the delicate and enveloping touches help the newborn baby in his adaptation process in the world around him. The mother, for her part, finds in shiatsu  a simple and natural way to deal with the common problems of the newborn, but also a support to improve her own health.. Baby massage is simple, any parent can learn it easily, as can any doctor or health worker. As the shiatsu practitioners say, the most beautiful thing is the passage of teaching the mothers: at first the mother’s touch is nervous, elusive, almost as if she were afraid to put her hands on the baby’s body. During the subsequent meetings, when the mother has learned the sequence and makes it her own, the touch changes, becoming calm, reassuring, soft, and the baby perceives it. And here is that magically the little one no longer has colic ! In fact, one of the most evident things is the improvement of the mother-child relationship , which is essential for the child to find what he has lost coming out of the amniotic fluid: theenveloping contact, warmth, symbiosis with the mother .

Shiatsu is like a game

Once the tensions are dissolved, children enjoy receiving this type of massage, they take it as a game. Relaxation becomes real and visible: as the operator goes in search of the kyo points and treats them, the breath becomes deep and the baby falls asleep . In the child there are no blocks, there is no rigidity, so for the shiatsu operator it becomes even more pleasant, the response is spontaneous: the child enjoys the moment and lets himself go. After all, in the newborn, touch is the most important of the five senses, it is connected to the whole body and the baby, through contact, perceives relaxation. In Italy you can find many shiatsu centers that organize courses for children: from the FIS, the Italian Shiatsu Federation, at the International School of Shiatsu, Academy, professional and amateur courses and associations dedicated to it

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