She leaves her husband so as not to transgress the diet

She leaves her husband so as not to transgress the diet

The idea of ​​losing weight worked, improving her appearance, but her marriage instead fell apart.
This is what an English woman revealed on the Reddit forum , asking for the advice of other users and getting 800 comments in response.

She explains that she went on a diet for health reasons , being very overweight and nearing the first stage of obesity.
In her wrong habits she was supported by her husband, who had always opposed diets, who had gained several kilos with her age. But when the woman decided to go on a diet, her marriage fell apart. Her husband called salad poison, and forbade her from giving vegetables to their children. He said that going to the gym and making sacrifices were all nonsense.

And when she lost weight he started rowing against her.
He scolded her for not being the woman he married, for not having pleasure in eating with her anymore. So much so that she is forced to eat vegetables in secret and she has started going to therapy to find a way to save her marriage, but at the moment she seems close to a divorce.
One of the most important things when you are on a diet but living with someone is trying to have your partner as an ally .


A lot of people in a relationship tend to put on weight by pampering each other with food and saucers.
It also happens in friendships, so saying to stay on a diet is often seen as a threat: and many friends try to invalidate their efforts, out of envy or not to feel alone overeating and gaining weight. I had already talked about it here: listing all the ways our friends try to sabotage our diet , and why.

If with friends / friends a solution can be to distance them or rethink moments together, for example by proposing a cinema instead of pizza, unfortunately when you are in a relationship the consciousness of going on a diet risks not only concerning one person, but also the partner.

According to Swedish research , obese people who are in a stable relationship but undergo bariatric surgery are often abandoned by their partner.
And unfortunately this story seems to confirm it. 
If you think that your partner also doesn’t agree with your attempts to lose weight, you may be interested in these 5 ways to be able to stay on a diet as a couple while also involving your better half.

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