How can I find the right diet for me?

How can I find the right diet for me?

There are many diets, and if I have a site called Dcomedieta I assure you that I know something about it.
But the most sensible question that my readers often ask me is the following: How do I find the right diet for me?

Now, if you go to a dietician or nutritionist, the doctor or professional on duty will prescribe you a low-calorie diet based on an estimate of your total metabolism.

But if he is good, in addition to this (and to prescribe you some tests) he will ask you what your eating habits are, what foods you like, etc.

While it is quite easy to customize the caloric aspect of the diet, the hardest thing is to get a diet that does not weigh on us, and which obviously gives us lasting results. But these two things, having a diet that seems easy to follow, and having results, actually go hand in hand. The only way for a diet to work is to follow it.
And the only way to follow a diet is to enjoy it.
So understanding which diet is suitable not only for our tastes, but also for our habits is the easiest way to lose weight. 


I’ll give you some examples to help you understand the main problem.

  • If you are away from home all day, it is useless to follow a diet in which you are forced to count the grams of each food and cook everything from home. You are not Superman.
  • If you like sweets, how long will you be able to go on a carbohydrate-free diet?
  • If you’re stressed out, do you think following a thousand-calorie diet to lose weight faster will be a really smart move? Or will it slow down your metabolism?
  • Or again: if you binge the day before a diet, then go on a diet for three or four days and the fifth you miss it, it will not be the case to first understand why you are eating too much, and find a diet that satisfies you and you. satisfies?

On page two, I explain how to find the right diet for each of these situations.

I’m not saying this to knock you down, but to make you think.
You know yourself better than anyone and you know what makes you give up the diet.
Why not turn your weaknesses into advantages?
That’s how.

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