Sciatica: symptoms, causes, all the remedies

Sciatica: symptoms, causes, all the remedies

Sciatica affects the longest nerve in the body and originates in the lower back, passes through the hip joint and continues to the back of the leg .

The disorder affects approximately 40% of the population over their lifetime.

Sciatic pain can have several causes and treatment will be based on the actual cause of the problem. Often it is emotionally associated with the fatigue of bearing the weight of life, with the difficulty given by the constant aptitude to “take charge”.

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Most common causes of sciatica

Sciatica, most common causes

Symptoms of Sciatica  

The pain is acute in the lower back but can extend to the entire leg.  The pain is usually caused by the piriformis syndrome (not surprisingly it is also called among experts in the sector “false sciatica”, as it starts from the sacral and non-vertebral areas at the lumbar level as in the case of lumbosciatalgia) .

Here’s what happens: When the sciatic nerve passes through the hip joint, it divides space with several muscles , including the piriformis.  

If the muscle – within which the nerve runs – undergoes trauma or spasms, the sciatic nerve is compressed. The intensity of the pain can vary a lot. 

Pain is associated with numbness, tingling, impaired spontaneous motor skills.


Intervertebral disc herniation, incorrect postures, microtraumatism and injuries during sports (for example due to flexorotations or cold movements) are among the most frequent causes of sciatica.

Even in advanced pregnancy , given the load on the lumbar level, pain can be felt that affects the area of ​​the sciatic nerve. Even staying in very humid environments can facilitate the onset of sciatica.

In case of congenital stenosis of the spinal canal, sliding of one vertebra over the other or scoliosis, a predisposition to sciatic pain can develop. 

Arthritis, diabetes, obesity, spinal pathologies, muscle strain, spinal infections are other possible causes.


An orthopedic visit is enough to understand if it really is sciatica. From the patient’s words and from the manual skills of the orthopedist or osteopath or chiropractor or physiotherapist it can be understood whether there is really a compression on the lumbar nerves L4 / L5 or sacral nerves S1, S2 and S3.

Among the diagnostic tests, in addition to the clinical examination of leg lifting, which is used for sciatica: radiographs, electromyographs. 



Drinking water is very important. Hydration plays a fundamental role in nourishing the muscles by eliminating the waste of the metabolism that concerns them.

See if you are living in a mild and unconscious state of dehydration. Eliminate sugar from your diet, as it puts stress on the adrenal glands. Increase your consumption of fish if you are not vegan or vegetarian. Yes to dried fruit in moderate quantities.

Back pain at the table can be prevented and sciatica pain as well. Consume fruit and vegetables in abundance , favoring foods that contain vitamin B. Eliminate sugary or caffeinated drinks.

By choosing to add ginger to your dishes, you will be making friends with a great natural pain reliever. Yes even to turmeric -based dishes .

Also discover  the holistic view of back pain

Holistic view of back pain

Herbal remedies for sciatica 

The herbal remedy par excellence is the devil’s garlic ( Arpagophytum procumbens ), whose root has very effective anti-inflammatory active ingredients, also boasts an analgesic activity. 

Withania ( Withania somnifera ), originally from India and Africa, is a herbal remedy that belongs to classical Ayurvedic medicine . It is a great anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antirheumatic.

The flowering tops of the lmaria ( Spiraea ulmaria ) are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

The black ibes ( Ribes nigrum ) is very useful in inflammatory states.

In gemmotherapy, even in the case of arthritic pain and chronic sciatica pain, the gems of life  ( Vitis vinifera ) are used, rich in flavonoids, tannins, organic acids, mineral salts. 

Bach flowers for sciatica

Among the  Bach flowers , Vervain is indicated as the one suitable for those who are characterized by a certain rigidity, who change pionion with difficulty and obey a personal self-imposed discipline.

In these subjects a sciatica pain very linked to the psychological component may appear. The tendency is to overdo it and sleep little and there is intolerance towards opinions different from one’s own.

Traditional Chinese Medicine 

With acupuncture we treat lumbar pain points, and we move blood and energy that flow with difficulty. Among the meridians involved we find the Tai Yang meridians of the foot, Shao yin of the foot, Shao Yang of the foot.

In traditional Chinese medicine , the stagnation of energy is linked to the functionality of internal organs which can be compromised by emotions. In this case the reference organs are the liver and kidneys connected to the system that regulates the tendons, bones and medulla. 


Among the homeopathic remedies there is Rhus toxicodendron , especially for sciatica pain due to humidity and cold. Arnica Montana is the most useful and known homeopathic remedy in this sense and is obtained from the mother tincture of its flowers.

Nux Vomica acts on pain and on the sensation of fragility, vulnerability and chills; it is excellent not only for sciatica but also for pain in the musculoskeletal system, lumbago,  rheumatism.

Exercises and movement in case of sciatica 

Rehabilitation therapy is not undertaken when the pain is on and in the acute phase. After rest and any pharmacological or natural remedies therapies, we continue with a specific path.

The rehabilitation path aims to correct posture , support the muscles and irritate it, significantly improve the flexibility of the spine .

Normal sporting activity, whatever your discipline, must gradually resume. Green light to movement in the water and gentle gymnastics in the recovery phase, always with a lot of internal listening. 

Yoga is good but always listening to yourself a lot, without doing it in a performative way. Excellent tai chi for the position of the posture .

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