Sciatic nerve: how to cure it when inflamed

Sciatic nerve: how to cure it when inflamed

How to cure the sciatic nerve when it is inflamed? Here are some important pointers regarding so-called sciatica and its related symptoms

Sciatic nerve: how to cure it when inflamed

Sciatica is an annoying disorder that can have various causes and concerns the sciatic nerve that originates in the lumbar region, passing through the hip.

The pain can then radiate to the back of the leg.

Let’s see what treatments to take to relieve pain and resolve inflammation.

Symptoms of inflammation of the sciatic nerve

Symptoms of sciatic nerve inflammation include pain spread throughout one leg or both. Usually the muscular capacity of the posterior region of the lower limb muscles is reduced and there is a consequent sensation that the knee of the affected leg is giving way.

A throbbing pain in the lumbar area of ​​the back is often added to pain in the limb , especially if the vertebral disc is crushed. Sometimes the pain radiates along the entire path of the nerve and even at rest the symptoms require a management time that can reach up to 8 weeks.

Back pain may be accompanied by tingling, weakness in the muscles of the buttocks, numbness in the leg or the entire foot of the affected leg.

If, on the other hand, there are symptoms of fecal or urinary incontinence , it is necessary to understand together with a doctor if it is a possible syndrome of the cauda equina .

Recall that sciatica can occur in late pregnancy , in the case of piriformis syndrome, trauma or spondylolisthesis.

Diabetes also increases the risk factor since, by interfering with the balance of internal blood sugars, it can cause damage to the nervous system and in the long run damage the state of the bones.

How to cure inflammation of the sciatic nerve: some tips

Don’t give up on some movement

In many cases of sciatica pain, rest that resembles forced immobility is recommended. However, it is not worth giving in to laziness as the body needs to be moved, cared for, like a machine to be “oiled”.

Great movement in the water and stretching after the movement ; instead avoid an improvised execution of exercises that instead require a good study, measured on your physicality and always inform your trainer about the state of the art of the sciatic nerve.

So be careful not to overdo the gym and not to overload the joints with a sudden and dangerous dedication to activities such as running, which would risk worsening the situation: in many cases patients subject to sciatica are asked to lose weight , but it is necessary not to improvise. sports at any cost.  

Yoga can also help with sciatica – here are some asanas

Help yourself with natural remedies and cures and healthy nutrition

You can also support the body a lot with infusions and broths based on turmeric , ginger and other highly flaming spices. If the disorder is following a trauma, arnica or nutmeg oil can be used to rub to calm the inflammation.

Acupuncture and shiatsu are great tools for dealing with sciatic nerve pain; foot reflexology is also very effective. 

We remind you that any inflammatory state worsens if you introduce low alkalizing foods that require a lot of energy to be assimilated by the body and that acidify it a lot.

Finally, it is very important to maintain good hydration by drinking water before the body requires it.

Pay attention to how you sleep

Finally, the position in which you sleep also makes a difference: you must  avoid the prone position. Better to sleep on your back or on your side (fetal with your knees bent and with a pillow in the middle), taking care to choose a good mattress.


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