Scabs of the scalp, causes and natural remedies

Scabs of the scalp, causes and natural remedies

Itching, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, alopecia, are possible psychosomatic signals: treating the scabs of the scalp requires intervening on the causes as well as on the symptoms.

  1. The scabs in psychosomatics
  2. The scabs of the scalp
  3. Natural remedies for scabs on the scalp

The head is our control center from which signals, from the external world, from the internal world, physical, psychic, chemical-hormonal, start and arrive. If we consider the head and its annexes in a psychosomatic key , we can easily understand how this part of the body can be subject to various manifestations when a condition of imbalance is created. 

Itching, eczema , seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis , dandruff , alopecia , are possible signs that something is not working in the most correct way and we must intervene, not only on the symptom, but on the cause

The scabs in psychosomatics

Scabs , in general, are plaque formations , which arise as a kind of repair after an injury. A mixture of stratum corneum cells and serous fluid. 

The message that emerges is that of a protective blanket over a wound  that needs time to heal completely and be integrated into the skin.

The formation of crusts, of keratose layers, can take on different meanings in the psychosomatic field. The manifestation of a very deep discomfort, which makes  the individual defenseless in front of his demons , his fears, to the world can be a possible interpretation: a particularly exposed area of ​​the skin that asks to be protected, or on the contrary very hidden asking to be treated.

The liver and its reactivity is also an element that can enter into a profound connection with the skin and its manifestations; emotions such as anger, helplessness, severe stress , surface on the skin.

Treating the symptom is what is normally required and it is understandable to try to resolve the disorder. But as you can well understand, it is necessary to research the cause and not stop at a dermatological solution .

The scabs of the scalp

The psychosomatic premise was necessary to better understand a holistic view of the problem linked to the scalp in particular.

Scabs on the head can be a manifestation of localized ailments, such as the common dandruff . However, the same dandruff can be caused by different factors: a fungus, Malassezia Furfur, causes seborrheic dermatitis and must be treated specifically to eradicate it. 

On the other hand , dandruff also often appears in seasonal changes , in which the body suffers stress from sudden changes in temperatures, changes in hours, sleep / wakefulness, work surplus. In these circumstances the manifestation is a metabolic reaction attributable to the liver, the target organ in case of hyperreactivity to the environment and situations .

In the first months of life, babies also often experience crusts on their heads, the so-called cradle cap , which can occur during lactation. 

It is called  neonatal seborrheic dermatitis and generally resolves itself very easily thanks to the application of vegetable oils .

Natural remedies for scabs on the scalp

Depending on the possible triggering cause of the formation of scabs on the head, some  natural remedies can help both to soothe the symptoms and to rebalance the “ground” from which the disorder arose.

At the topical level there are some solutions that can be adopted:

Wheat germ oil : it is a very pasty oil, which can be diluted with sesame oil in proportions 3: 1. Wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E , with emollient, restorative and restorative properties on the damaged layer. In order to avoid excessive oiling, it is advisable to use a dropper , for a targeted and effective treatment, without dispersing too many quantities of oil on the hair.

Carrot essential oil: this essential oil brings all its eudermic properties useful for skin regeneration. It has purifying, healing, vermifuge, antiseptic properties. It can be added to shampoo for deep cleansing, to a carrier oil for a scalp massage, or added to a scrub mixture based on fine cooking salt, neutral shampoo, and St. John’s wort oil, to be applied to the skin for purification. deep topical.

Tea Tree essential oil : in case of seborrheic dermatitis due to fungal presence, tea tree oil acts as an excellent antifungal, healing and purifying remedy for the scalp. Tea tree oil can be used pure, directly on the skin or mixed with all functional products, such as shampoo, conditioner, skin cream, a carrier oil. 

It is necessary to assist the topical treatment with supplements that can rebalance the hepatitis and purification functions of the skin from the inside. The plants functional to this activity are now well known:

Artichoke : the artichoke has hepatoprotective, choleretic, cholagogue, hypoglycemic, anti-uric, diuretic , purifying properties. It is indicated in case of hepatic insufficiency, steatosis, hyperlipemia (increased fat in the blood), hyperuricemia, water retention . It works by rebalancing the main excretory organs, such as the liver, kidneys and skin.

Milk thistle : milk thistle has hepatoprotective, eupeptic, antioxidant properties, stimulates the regeneration of liver cells. It is indicated in case of liver poisoning, steatosis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, biliary stasis. It performs a purifying function of the skin due to food poisoning, from drugs or irritating substances.

Burdock : burdock has purifying, diuretic-azide, diaphoretic, choleretic and hypoglycemic properties. It is indicated in case of acne, furunculosis, dermatopathies of various origins, eczema, seborrhea, diabetes in the elderly. It carries out an eudermic action, through a correction of hepatic imbalances. 

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