Sapphire has released on the market, starting today, the new R9 380X card accompanied by a presentation announcement: Today it enters …

Sapphire has released on the market, starting today, the new R9 380X card accompanied by a presentation announcement:

Today the new SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 380X GPU officially joins the NITRO range for SAPPHIRE gaming . Based on AMD ‘s Graphics Core Next ( GCN ) graphics architecture , the latest graphics card from SAPPHIRE Technology is equipped with a wide range of advanced hardware features and technologies, including full support for DirectX 12 technology and Vulkan APIs . The SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 380X has a SAPPHIRE performance index of 4, which results in an extremely smooth gaming experience in 1080p and paves the way for gaming at 1440p .

The SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 380X is equipped with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory with a clock rate of 1500 MHz (6000 MHz effective). Thanks to the adoption of the latest GCN architecture, the core offers 2048 stream processors with a clock rate of 1040 MHz, capable of guaranteeing the maximum smoothness and stability of gaming at 1080p at 60 fps in highly regarded games such as Grand Theft Auto V or Dragon Age: Inquisition. Equipped with factory overclocking, the SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 380X delivers performance that enables high-setting 1440p gameplay in games, such as in the recently released Star Wars: Battlefront title.

Like the other products in the SAPPHIRE NITRO range, the SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 380X is equipped with an advanced cooling solution designed by SAPPHIRE. The semi-passive Dual-X system with Intelligent Fan Control (IFC-II)it consists of an aluminum radiator and a set of 4 high performance copper heatpipes. Heat is dissipated silently from the board via a pair of 10cm double ball bearing fans which increase the life span of the fans by 80%. Plus, for the first time ever, the fans are easily replaceable. The Intelligent Fan Control II system developed by SAPPHIRE completely deactivates the fans when the GPU is in light load conditions to ensure maximum quiet operation in the case of less demanding tasks such as 2D graphics or watching videos.

The SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 380X also features an elegant aluminum backplate, which protects components from damage and dust. The protective cover of the cooling system is attached directly to the PCB and backplate, contributing to greater rigidity and reliability.

The new SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 380X offers full support for Microsoft DirectX 12 technology, enabling next generation computer graphics performance. AMD’s GCN architecture is an ideal solution for the future evolution of gaming, with native hardware support for asynchronous shaders and multi-threaded command buffers.

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