Rogel aguilera mederos accident

Rogel aguilera mederos accident

Rogel aguilera mederos accident It wasn`t his first experience via the mountains for Rogel Aguilera-Mederos. He is the motive force first of all sentenced to one hundred ten years in jail due to the fact in the tractor-trailer he become riding plowed into backed-up site visitors on I withinside the Denver area.

Aguilera-Mederos stated via an interpreter that he had pushed in mountains earlier than the 2019 collision in a extra than hour interview with police quickly after the crash. A video of a part of the interview has been posted via way of means of FOX31 TV in Denver.

Chuck Robinson Rogel aguilera mederos accident

Aguilera-Mederos become convicted of vehicular murder and different costs in October 2021 of riding his tractor-trailer into site visitors stopped for a preceding collision. Four human beings have been killed. He become sentenced Dec. thirteen to the necessary minimal time period in keeping with kingdom law.

Jared Polis granted commuted his sentence to ten years, preempting a resentencing listening to scheduled for Jan. thirteen. Aguilera-Mederos can be eligible parole on Dec. 30, 2026.Aguilera-Mederos withinside the interview stated he had pushed.

Colorado 3 instances and additionally had pushed in mountainous terrain in Utah, Montana and Washington kingdom.His truck become travelling at extra than eighty mph whilst it crashed into stopped vehicles, he instructed investigators.

He stated he had visible the runaway truck ramp symptoms and symptoms as his truck barreled beyond them however hadn`t visible the real ramp.

Aguilera-Mederos` former employer Rogel aguilera mederos accident

Aguilera-Mederos is a U.S. resident from Cuba who had a business driver`s license from Texas. He become riding for Castellano 03Trucking LLC, Houston, pulling a flatbed trailer of lumber whilst the 2019 collision happened.

According to on line Texas kingdom records, Castellano 03 Trucking went out of enterprise quickly after the 2019 crash, and some other organization got here into being with the equal possession or control members.

Insurance become canceled for CastellanoTrucking, running below U.S. DOT wide variety and motor provider wide variety on June, in keeping with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration`s Licensing and Insurance on line information.

The organization become out takedietplan of enterprise . Rogel aguilera mederos accident

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