The new book by Dr. Valter Longo: long-lived from childhood

The new book by Dr. Valter Longo: long-lived from childhood

It is called ” Longevity begins when children ” (Vallardi editions) and it is certainly not a book for children, but rather a book for those parents who are expecting a child (or who already have children). And also for all people who work with children or teenagers.

In a country like Italy which is among the first Europeans with the highest rate of childhood obesity, it is good to think about the future of our children.

An obese child runs the risk of being an obese adult, because it is from the childhood stage that the body programs a number of adipocytes: which in adulthood may, if anything, grow, but certainly not decrease.
And therefore there is the risk, and together with that, also a greater predisposition to metabolic syndrome and diseases.
Even a mother who is expecting must keep her weight and blood sugar under control and eat in a varied and healthy way.

And when the baby is born, it’s the parents who plant the seeds of his health.
Professor Valter Longo’s book declares right from the title what is a great truth.

Longevity begins as children: what the new book by Dr. Valter Longo is about.

We can define this book by Dr. Valter Longo as a strategic book, in a practical sense. After a premise in which we talk about diseases and aging and the dangers of childhood obesity, Dr. Longo explains how to act, in collaboration with pediatricians and nutritionists, to make a healthy family diet. Often, in fact, the problem of childhood obesity is also a problem of food awareness of the parents, as the doctor explains in the introduction. Hurried dinners, money given to children to look after their own breakfast or snacks, snacks and ready meals at home, but also the fear that the child will not eat healthy foods. In short, education and a good example always start with the two parents.

In fact, the doctor consulted hundreds of families to photograph their situation and their efforts. And at the same time he compared the diet of the Italian family with that of the populations that today have low levels of childhood obesity.

Eye, there is no talk of demonizing food or crash diets.
But at least to go back to cereals, legumes, blue fish, fruit and vegetables as is the tradition of the true Mediterranean diet. It is going back to eating clean, raw food, which is not industrial and does not have additives on which we still do not have clear answers in terms of the impact on health.
The book, on the other hand, is a perfect food guide not only as a basis, but with practical answers that can help those who raise or educate children to direct them towards better nutrition, so that one day they become healthy adults. And age well.
You can find this book, recommend it and give it away, in the bookstore or by clicking here.
Longevity begins as a child. A new family nutrition program for a long and healthy life .

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