We have fully seen and studied the various gaming keyboards released in recent years: all installed physical supports, the so-called …

We have fully seen and studied the various gaming keyboards released in recent years: all of them installed physical supports, the so-called switches, which allow lower latency in commands and greater feedback. Razer, one of the leading companies in the sector, has finally released a new keyboard, the Razer Ornata , a particular model: we are talking about a hybrid, a keyboard with mechanical components and a membrane. Let’s go and discover it together, opening the magnificent packaging that surrounds each Razer branded product.

The keyboard consists of two parts: the actual machine, as always with an RGB lighting system, which can be customized through the Synapse software in thousands of ways. The second part, on the other hand, is a refined padded and leather-covered wrist rest, which can be magnetically attached to the underside of the keyboard, offering greater comfort for prolonged sessions.

The keyboard has an Italian layout, thus showing how the market is starting to be more and more attractive here too. Going down to the technical side, the impressions are particular: the sensitivity is very close to that of mechanical keyboards, although the noise is lower and in terms of writing it is easier to type quickly. A system called N-Key Rollover allows you to press 10 keys together without giving an error. A gold-plated, braided USB 2.0 cable concludes the technical side with a length of 1.7 meters.

On the software side, the Razer Ornata loses the multimedia keys, replacing them with the Function key, not too comfortable in terms of gaming, but not so deleterious. If 70% of the power of this keyboard is the technical part, 30% is absolutely attributable to the use of the Synapse 2.0 software, which allows you to customize the peripheral to the maximum.

The hybrid nature of the keyboard, finally, shows itself to the maximum also in its versatility: if on the typing side it lends itself fully , much more than the other models, avoiding skipping the pressure of buttons or pressing too long, on the gaming side it remains enough. responsive , thanks to its switches created specifically for the model. A good part of the practicality is also given by the peripheral keys, which remain halfway and therefore are neither too high nor too low. Total absence of USB and 3.5mm ports on the sides of the keyboard, which have disappeared for a while on many Razer pieces.

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