Protein breakfast: easy anti-hunger examples

Protein breakfast: easy anti-hunger examples

Why eat a breakfast that is essentially (not entirely) protein? Because a breakfast with protein-based foods in the morning allows us to satiate ourselves more and stay so longer, and also reduces the need for sugars, raising the insulin in the blood differently, which after an overnight fast is at very high levels. bass. This way, insulin handles breakfast sugars better . Having a completely protein breakfast can be counterproductive, however, because for those who eat breakfast, adding a little carbohydrates allows you to start the day with sufficient energy. Also, not everyone digest a protein-only meal, especially breakfast. Heartburn or nausea can be common.
Let’s see how to make a smart protein breakfast with these anti-hunger examples.


      1. Banana Whey Pancakes: An example of a balanced, protein but low carb breakfast comes from these whey protein (whey) banana pancakes. Whey protein is ideal for a filling breakfast, as this study reveals.   Making these pancakes is super easy: just mash a small banana with a large egg or two small eggs and half to a scoop (25g) of whey protein. The result is a batter that will give you 3-4 pancakes, to be sprinkled with cinnamon, for a total of about 300 calories.
      2. Egg whites omelette with jam: mix a tablespoon of oat flour or mignon flakes (15 g) with 150 g of egg whites and a pinch of salt. Cook in a non-stick pan and serve with half an apple or pear cut into pieces and a tablespoon of low-sugar jam, such as Hero. Total: about 200 calories.
      3. Protein bar: a 45-60 g protein bar is also ideal for breakfast. Among the best, try these protein bars from Foodspring and the My Bar Zero bars from MyProtein . To be served with a freshly squeezed orange juice or 100 gr of fruit of your choice, for a total of 300 low calories. They are very filling bars because they contain a lot of fiber.
      4. Budwig cream: a quick alternative for those who love a healthy breakfast. Blend 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese with a generous spoonful of oat flakes or muesli (15 g for oats, 10 for muesli), half a banana (60 g), cinnamon and a teaspoon of toasted flax seeds (5 -6 gr). A really good and filling breakfast for about 330 calories.
      5. Toasted rye bread with Greek yogurt: a useful breakfast for those who love bread in the morning, it can be two slices of toasted rye bread, preferably with seeds (Pema type) or 3 wasa light slices, with 150 gr of natural Greek yogurt on top lean, worked with a level spoon of cocoa and a teaspoon of honey.

    A 320 calorie breakfast.

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