Premenstrual Syndrome, Natural Supplements

Premenstrual Syndrome, Natural Supplements

Many women suffer from sometimes limiting ailments in the days leading up to their menstrual cycle. PMS can be a period of relationship difficulty and must be alleviated with medications and natural remedies.

chaste tree

Many women suffer from PMS , which manifests itself with articulated symptoms, in some cases with very acute and disabling forms for a few days.

PMS is felt about 7-10 days before the onset of menstruation with breast pain , headache , irritability, low mood, swelling, retention, nausea . 

It must be diagnosed by the specialist, usually your gynecologist or endocrinologist to investigate the actual cause and correct the disorder with specific treatment where possible. 

Naturopathy can be a valid support to soothe the symptomatological manifestation and correct the cause, with some balanced supplements. 

Chaste tree for PMS

The chaste tree  ( Vitex Agnus Castus L. ) is also called the Tree of Chastity, because in the Middle Ages it was used by monks to inhibit libido. 

The part used in natural supplements for PMS are dried fruits, rich in flavonoids , glycosides and terpenes.

The chaste tree speaks to the female endocrine system , especially the pituitary: the inputs are the slowing of the release of prolactin and the balance between estrogen and progesterone . The benefits following the intake of Chaste tree are manifested by the reduction of breast tension, regulation of menstrual flow, control of hot flashes, useful in menopause . 

Chinese Angelica for PMS

Angelica  ( Angelica Sinensis ) has always been used in China to support the female system and soothe menstrual disorders, such as amenorrhea , dysmenorrhea and unbalanced menopause conditions. 

The part used in natural supplements for PMS is the root , which brings ferulic acid, vitamins B12 , A and E, ascorbic acid, phytosterols and mineral salts.

Angelica speaks to smooth muscles, in particular it acts as a muscle relaxant on uterine contractures , reducing any spasms; disinfects the female system, regulates blood pressure. 

Black Cohosh for PMS

The black cohosh  ( Cimicifuga Racemosa ) also called ” Women’s grass ” belongs to the culture of the American Indians, who used it to facilitate childbirth .

It has anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic and pain-relieving properties. The part used in natural supplements for PMS is the root and rhizomes. Black Cohosh contains phytoestrogens and speaks to the endocrine system , especially regulating the secretion of luteinizing hormone. 

In case of premenstrual syndrome it is extremely useful as it has a sedative action on abdominal pain , relieves breast tension and calms states of irritability.

It can also be integrated during the menstrual cycle to alleviate the classic ailments of the period. The intake of black cohosh must be indicated by the attending physician as it could worsen any suffering affecting the liver in predisposed subjects. 

Lemon balm for PMS

Lemon balm  ( Melissa Officinalis ) otherwise called ” Limoncella ” due to its fragrance similar to citrus, is a medicinal herb well known since the dawn of time, counted as a calming , sedative remedy , particularly suitable for the female sphere , able to modulate mood and irritability. 

In addition to having a relaxing action on the central nervous system, lemon balm in case of premenstrual syndrome acts as an antispasm in case of abdominal pain and muscle tension.

Rubus Idaeus for PMS

Rubus Idaeus is the bud extract of raspberry , useful for modulating imbalances related to the menstrual cycle. It is known for its menstrual-facilitating properties and perhaps less so for relieving PMS symptoms.

Rubus Idaeus speaks to the female hormonal system, because its action reverberates on the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis. It therefore balances humoral disorders, nervousness, and at the same time relaxes the uterine muscles , breast tension , soothes spasms, facilitates the cycle. 

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