Massage with Tibetan bells: benefits and contraindications

Massage with Tibetan bells: benefits and contraindications

There are different techniques for practicing massage with Tibetan bells: the benefits concern the quality of sleep, the levels of stress and anxiety and the increase in concentration. Here’s how it works.


The massage with the Tibetan bells is an ancient practice that has been handed down over the centuries and which provides a holistic approach to the body, as an organism able to perceive us from the physical to the more subtle and spiritual level through vibrations that pass from the muscles , to the blood, to the hormonal system, nervous system , brain waves.


There are different types of massage with Tibetan bells : different techniques to help you reconnect with your vibrational world, but also for a more aware listening of your body:


Sound massage : from the supine position the bells are placed over five chakras. The largest at the level of the first chakra in the pubic area; the second bell smaller than the first near the navel, a third on the heart, two on the ground at the side of the throat and the smaller one on the ground above the head. 


The treatment includes about 50 minutes of upward vibrations to lighten the body and mind , the rational and material part and integrate higher and higher but subtle vibrations, to reach a condition of total relaxation.


Sound massage on the back : from the prone position the body is enveloped by low sound vibrations, starting from the soles of the feet, going up along the legs, buttocks, sliding along the back, shoulders and arms. 


The largest Tibetan bell has a low hertz sound  that communicates with the most vibrational empathy to the body, its muscles, lymphatic and blood circulation, and the vagus system. It helps to release stagnant energies, to put them in circulation and in contact with each other to regain communicative harmony.


Sound bath : from the supine position, surrounded by 8 Tibetan bells divided into 3 on each side, one between the legs, the largest and one above the head, the smallest. 


They are all made to vibrate from the lowest to the highest frequency in a continuum until they completely and harmoniously surround the body, which relaxes until it is no longer perceived, as if it lost its weight and the mind enveloped by the vibratory sum enters. in a meditative condition  thanks to the lowering brain wave frequencies.


Rebalancing of the Body : while standing or sitting, the largest Tibetan bell is used which is initially vibrated at the height of the first chakra , descends along the legs to the feet and then rises above the head, and then falls back down to the back , then the right side and finally the left. 


This treatment serves to reintegrate the parts of the body , to rebalance the top with the bottom, the right with the left, the front with the back. It moves the stagnations, unties the knots, unlocks the held emotions. 


The benefits of the Tibetan bowls massage

This massage technique acts on various physical and well-being ailments :


stress : stress levels decrease, both mentally and physically, with evidence on blood pressure and heart rate; 


sleep : improves the quality of sleep, which acquires restorative and regenerative values, for a better quality of life in general;


anxiety : controls and reduces anxiety, improving breathing, cardiovascular well-being, muscle tension in the neck, head and shoulders;


concentration : promotes concentration, memory functions and attention. The presence “here and now” indispensable to fully live the present in balance


meditation : converges to meditation, thanks to a modification of the brain waves, calming the mind, relieving tensions, anger and fears.


Tibetan bells, what are they

From the ancient tradition of the peoples of Mongolia they reach here and up to the present day, “magical” tools for their simplicity and their power. 


They possess the ability to emit harmonious vibrations at different frequencies based on the size and alloy of which they are made. The metals used in alloy for their production are seven , a symbolic number, full of magic and mystery  linked to the seven chakras and the planets that influence the Earth: gold , silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper and lead.


In reality, on the market they are also found with a combination of lower metals , to contain the price. 


By what principle can Tibetan bells modify psycho-physical conditions? The resonance principle governs vibrational transmission and indicates its ability to modify the less powerful vibrations through the stronger ones , to synchronize their rhythms. 


Just think that the human body is largely made up of water: a liquid subjected to vibration propagates its frequency , amplifies it and begins to create bubbles. 


Imagining a similar reaction within the human organism highlights how at the cellular level the massage with Tibetan bells stimulates a modification , a cellular revitalization. 

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