The release of PlayStation VR, the PS4 device for virtual reality, is approaching and with it increases the uncertainty about the request …

The release of  PlayStation VR, the PS4 device for virtual reality , is approaching and with it increases the uncertainty about the exact request that this device will receive. Shuhei Yoshida , president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios , expressed himself on the subject in an interview by our colleagues from Bloomberg  with whom he drew a parallel between PlayStation VR and the original first PlayStation , underlining the level of “breaking” that this console brought to the gaming industry:

“To be honest, we don’t know what the demand will be, in terms of breaking up, this is the pinnacle since the days of PS1 and maybe even more”

The announcement of a postponement of the shipping date from the early first half of 2016 to the next October 13 to ensure, according to the executive vice-president of SCE Masayasu Ito , sufficient production of the components, was followed in June by a statement by  Andrew House , president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment , who warned players of possible difficulties in fulfilling all pre-orders by  emphasizing the strong novelty of the device:

“Virtual reality is an extremely recent medium. With a nascent, and so new, form of storytelling it is difficult to predict what the perception that users will have “


At the opening of pre-orders, PlayStation VR was sold out at every retailer within a few hours and several analysts began to state that, in 2016 alone, Sony will be able to place at least 1.5 million units on the market (number destined to rise to 3 million in 2017), surpassing sales of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive despite the posthumous release. To make the PlayStation VR so desired, the price of 399 euros , extremely attractive when compared to the main competitors, and the presence of several exclusive games since the launch . PlayStation VR will require a PlayStation Camera as well as a PlayStation 4 to function, but Sony already hasconfirmed the release of a bundle consisting of the headset, two PlayStation Move controllers , a PlayStation Camera and the collection of PlayStation Worlds games , all for 499 euros . What do you think? Are you ready to immerse yourself in virtual reality?

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