Pink Himalayan salt, how to use it

Pink Himalayan salt, how to use it

Himalayan pink salt or Himalayan pink salt is a pure, unrefined salt, which derives from salt mines formed following the evaporation of sea water.
Excellent in the kitchen, for health and beauty. Let’s see why.

What is Hymalaian pink salt

Himalayan pink salt is a fossil sea salt extracted from Pakistani mines that appears to have been formed about 250 million years ago, following the evaporation of the sea.

The pink salt mines were discovered in 350 BC by the inhabitants of the area but the extraction began in the sixteenth century.

Currently, Hymalaian salt is exported and marketed practically all over the world .
The extraction of Himalayan salt is done by hand, trying not to damage the surrounding landscape. The fact remains that this pink salt comes from millenary rocks and from areas very far from us and, if it is not purchased from fair trade , there can be doubts as to whether the environment and the rights of workers are respected during the processes of extraction.

This particular salt has a typical pink color that can turn towards orange shades, and is composed of sodium chloride like common table salt, to which various other minerals present in traces are linked.

Pink salt is used in cooking, for health, for beauty and also to make items such as salt lamps , pillows or salt candle holders. 

How to use Himalayan pink salt

In cooking, Himalayan pink salt is used like common sea salt or iodized salt to flavor dishes before, during or after cooking.
Since it is sodium chloride, it is important not to abuse it at the table , as with white salt .

To prevent hypertension and related disorders, nutrition experts recommend not to exceed the daily dose of 5 grams per day , equal to about a teaspoon of salt.

As for its use for beauty and health , the Hymalaian pink salt can be used, for example, to carry out anti-fatigue and anti-cellulite baths , instead of white salt or Dead Sea salts.

To take advantage of the draining action of pink salt , simply add a kilo of pink salt to the bath water and immerse the lower part of the body in water for about twenty minutes.

To combat swelling of the feet and ankles – a phenomenon that occurs in people who stand or sit for a long time, especially on hot days – you can add a spoonful of pink salt to the warm water of the foot bath , which is done by soaking the feet up to the ankles for about fifteen minutes.

Pink salt can also be used to prepare a hydrosaline solution by dissolving one gram of salt in 100 milliliters of water. The hydrosaline solution is used for example for nasal washes , or for rinsing the oral cavity or, again, to disinfect the skin after shaving or in case of pimples and impurities.

Pink salt is also used to make pillows that are used hot but also cold in case of muscle , joint and menstrual pain.

Finally, with the pink Hymalaian salt the famous salt lamps are manufactured which diffuse a pleasant light and which purify the air of the house by emitting negative ions and thus acting as natural ionizers.

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