Californian flowers for weight loss

Californian flowers for weight loss

Losing weight requires willpower and good intentions with more complex meanings than simply limiting food. When the psyche needs support, California Flowers can provide it.

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Going on a diet is easier said than done. It starts with a lot of enthusiasm, roadmaps, good intentions that are then set aside at the first adversity with an excuse and postponed to better moments.

It has happened to everyone, this is because the weight loss diet before the stomach must be faced with the head, with determination, willpower, mood, perception. 

All the gears must work in unison to get straight to the goal.
A help to support the intention , determination, mood and all the emotional sphere that seems to awaken after starting to change one’s diet can come from the Californian flowers  and their vibrational power on the subtlest part of our being. 

Each flower addresses very specific aspects of the human psyche , the frailties, insecurities, distorted visions to rebalance them and give greater strength to the mind and spirit in harmony with the body. 

Blackberry for weight loss

Blackberry , the flower of the bramble, is suitable for all those who struggle to realize their projects and achieve idealized goals . Blackberry subjects lack willpower, despite dreaming a lot. 

This great unrealized creativity creates frustration , mental confusion, slowing down in thought and action. Blackberry’s metabolism slowed down, as did its blood and lymphatic circulation. In the case of a diet, the Californian Blackberry flower helps to realize the food plan and to support the subject in the weight loss path.

Mariposa Lily for weight loss

Food is sometimes a compensatory : lack of affection, family shortages, conflicting parental relationships, often with the mother figure, can affect the relationship with food.  

Eating becomes engulfing affection , care, attention as much as possible. The Californian flower Mariposa Lily helps to believe more in oneself, to overcome the affective shortcomings of the past and to place trust in the present , to expand the heart. Food loses this compensatory symbolic value, because the mind opens to other horizons. 

Milkweed for weight loss

The symbolic value of food is really wide and in some cases we can even speak of psycho -foods , due to their strong nutritional charge in a broad sense. 

Food can turn into an addiction if perceived as a refuge from the discomforts of life, just like alcohol or drugs. Our society is often cruel to overweight people and we simply think we can put them on a diet without psychological support. 

Obesity , as well as the more well-known eating disorders such as bulimia , are somatic manifestations of deep discomfort and Milkweed is the Californian flower most indicated to support a path of recovery of physical fitness for those who take refuge in addictions, feel inadequate and they do not fully live a project of personal evolution. 

Milkweed helps to increase the will, the inner strength, the independence, because it “nourishes” the individual deeply and guides him towards freedom from food addiction. 

Snapdragon for weight loss

Being overweight  can be due to great willpower misdirected by verbal aggression . What does it mean? 


Subjects of great physical presence, particularly energetic, who are used to holding roles of responsibility, with a strong-willed but impetuous, hostile temperament, always with a tense jaw, ready to bite both literally and figuratively, pour their aggression on the way to eat . 


They are people who do not know how to channel their energies in a creative way and vent this vehemence in the act of eating, a lot and with greed, also impressing energy in digestion . 


Those who feed with this approach can find benefit with Snapdragon, the Californian flower able to direct the creative forces , especially the “belly” ones in the right direction in harmony with the verbal ones, without getting confused or worse collapsing in the act of eating. out of all proportion. 


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