Palm oil free cookies: is it better or not?

Palm oil free cookies: is it better or not?

Now you hear about it a little bit, but there was a time when nothing else was talked about.

In fact, in recent times we have found ourselves facing a wave of organic food at a higher level than we of the generation of the 70s, now parents, were accustomed to.

The main talent of the web is to inform about what is happening in the world, I really believe that this was the greatest information revolution just a click away.

So we come to us very easily and I ask you: palm oil yes or no? Do you think it hurts or does it not hurt?

Best Biscuits Products  Without Palm Oil

Gift idea breakfast pack of 1,550 kg of mixed biscuits - 4 different packs included - Artisan biscuits without palm oil - Dolci Aveja

Gift idea breakfast pack of 1,550 kg of biscuits …

Sweet Aveja Handmade Chocolate Donuts without Palm Oil - 400 gr

Sweet Aveja Handmade Chocolate Donuts …

Colussi Oswego Biscuits, 250g

Colussi Oswego Biscuits, 250g

What is palm oil

Index Article

Let’s take it easy and start by understanding what palm oil is.

Palm oil is a blend of vegetable oils that is extracted from various oil palms.

The most famous of these oil palms is over 30 meters high and grows in Africa and is called Elaeis guineensis

The oil derives both from the extraction of the same from the fruit and from the maceration of the palm kernel.

Both of these oils are rich in triglycerides.

Before the palm oil scandal, the product was practically present in many food products, from Nutella to the most famous savory and sweet snacks.

Why did everyone then think that palm oil could be so harmful to our body that it was banned from the entire world food community?

Palm oil free cookies: is it better or not?

Because palm oil contains 50 to 80 percent saturated fat .

And saturated fats, as we have learned in the last 30 years of fighting the wrong diet, are the ones that can lead to obesity , diabetes, heart attack, stroke.

Precisely for this certainly not flattering result on the consumption of palm oil and alongside the problem of deforestation linked to the destruction of entire palm forests to extract the oil, the world community has placed a veto on its consumption.

And many companies, even very famous ones, have decided to eliminate palm oil from the composition of their products.

A striking case, which I will discuss in detail later, is that of Plasmon , who has perhaps removed it from the most famous baby biscuits in history.

In short, now with you I would like to make a roundup of products in which there is no palm oil, focusing on products for babies which are the ones to be followed with greater attention in everyone, as you well know.

There are also conflicting theories, however, that for the record and also because in the end the beauty of the network and opinions is that they are always different is that there are also studies that say that palm oil is pressed raw and therefore without all the extraction and heat processing part you don’t develop all those saturated fats I mentioned earlier.

Clearly, the problem of deforestation remains, but let’s talk about it later.

Now back to the roundup, important when you are in the supermarket to have a series of names you can rely on quickly.

1) List of palm oil-free biscuits brands

Best Biscuits Products  Without Palm Oil

Salted Colussi Crackers - 500 gr

Salted Colussi Crackers – 500 gr

Il Viaggiator Goloso, Marie Shortbread Biscuits Without Palm Oil - 4 pieces of 350 g [1400 g]

Il Viaggiator Goloso, Marie Biscotti di Pasta …

Balocco Palm Oil Free Biscuit Sticks Gr. 700 - [pack of 6]

Balocco Palm Oil Free Biscuit Sticks …

In this list here I will talk, in a rather brief but indicative way, of a list of the main biscuits on the market without palm oil.

Obviously, check (but do this with all products) the label and then also the other ingredients so as to have a complete picture, always and in any case, of the quality of the ingredients.

  • Ac alimentum Conad biscuits – Shortbread biscuits with cocoa
  • Black Elk Cookies – All cookies of this brand do not contain palm oil
  • Biscuits Other market – Italian solidarity line
  • AnnaP biscuits – Pistokkeddos of Sardinia
  • Area bio biscuits – Spelled rusks
  • Arte bianca biscuits – Fior di riso, wholemeal biscuits and spelled biscuits
  • Bahlsen biscuits – Choco Leibnitz
  • Organic Kamut Cookies with Oat Bran and Náttúra Plums
  • Organic Biscuits with Rice and Red Fruits Náttúra
  • Organic Biscuits with Rice and Náttúra Chocolate Drops
  • Organic Biscuits with Rice and Náttúra Honey
  • Tris di Spelled Bio Náttúra biscuits
  • Wholemeal Rice Shortbread Cookies with Lemon Gluten Free Náttúra
  • Wholemeal Rice Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Náttúra
  • Náttúra Gluten Free Brown Rice Shortbread Cookies
  • Le Contadine Digestive Biscuits
  • Biscuits for children Fosfovit Lo Bello
  • Bisenglut Fosfovit granulated gluten-free biscuits 400g
  • Bisenglut Fosfovit biscuits gluten-free biscuit 250g
  • Granulated biscuits Fosfovit 400g
  • Fosfovit biscuits 360g, 500g, 750g
  • Lo Bello biscuits 700g
  • Balocco biscuits
  • Probios biscuits
  • Buitoni biscuits, even rusks
  • Carrefour biscuits
  • Esselunga biscuits
  • Enervit shortbread biscuits
  • Germinal Bio
  • Lazzaroni biscuits
  • Gentilini biscuits
  • Galbusera biscuits
  • Plasmon biscuits (with a worldwide press release the Plasmon company, some time ago, decided to put on the square the organic turning point of the most famous biscuits of the last forty and more years)

2) Palm oil free baby biscuits

Here, however, is the list of biscuits for children in which palm oil is not present:

  • Bahlsen Leibniz Zoo biscuits
  • Bio baby and Bio Junior, both with sunflower oil

3) Palm oil-free baby biscuits

This is the list of baby biscuits that are palm oil free:

  • Powdered milk for infants and follow-on milk powder – Crescendo Coop;
  • Organic Growth Milk – Crescendo Coop;
  • Risolac in powder – Plasmon (from birth to sixth month of life)
  • Organic donkey milk powder for weaning – Biomilkey
  • Aptamil 3 liquid growth milk
  • Aptamil 3 soya milk
  • Superpremium milk 1 – Bimbosan (from birth)
  • Super Premium Milk 2 – Bimbosan (after 6 months up to 3 years)
  • 3 liquid growth milk – Mellin (from 12 to 24 months);
  • Liquid 4 growth milk – Mellin (24-36 months)
  • The products of the Formulat – Dicofarm Line
  • Growth Milk – Granarolo

At this point I will also give you the list of powdered milk, which can be essential for the baby, which does not contain palm oil:

  • Powdered milk – Crescendo Coop 1 (0 – 6 months)
  • Superpremium milk 1 – Organic Bimbosan (0 – 6 months)
  • Formulat pre1 – Dicofarm (for newborns between 2.5 and 3.5 kg)
  • Organic donkey milk – Biomilkey
  • Follow-on milk 2 – Crescendo Coop (6-12 months)
  • Super Premium Milk 2 – Bimbosan (6 months – 3 years)
  • Growth milk 3 liquid – Mellin (12 – 24 months)
  • Organic growth milk – Crescendo Coop (1-3 years)
  • Latte Growth 3 liquid – Granarolo (1-3 years)
  • Aptamil 3 liquid growth milk (after year)
  • Liquid 4 growth milk – Mellin (24 – 36 months)

4) Problem of deforestation linked to palm oil

The problem of deforestation obviously does not concern only palm oil and palm trees, as clearly explained on , but a whole way of thinking about greed, linked to money and production, without thinking about ecosystem of our planet.

Only with an industrial deforestation of what happens every day more than one and a half billion carbon dioxide is released into our atmosphere, widening the hole in the ozone increasingly and thus contributing to global warming, an age-old problem of the last 100 years of revolution. industrial.

What could the solution to the problem be?

There could be, as in local agriculture and in the more careful cultivation of mass ingredients, such as chocolate or coffee, a solidarity choice. With the solidarity choice there would be controls on deforestation and on the product, from the beginning of the supply chain.

It would be enough just not to burn these palm trees at high temperatures to have, as I said before, a much healthier product.


We have never demonized anything without talking about it and, even in this case, I do not feel like fully demonizing the use of palm oil.

I feel I condemn the way palm oil is used that is typical of a certain type of industry and attempts to make a small economy and easy money with the health of the people. If only palm oil were used at a lower temperature there would be no saturated fat problems. If only we worked for controlled deforestation we would not have problems with CO2 in the atmosphere.

Instead, money is the god who commands everyone and leads us to make bad choices with relatively harmful products. So my advice, in addition to the list of palm oil-free products that I made in the article, always remains in the awareness of knowing what we eat and how we eat every day.

And this is not just an awareness that we must have to defend ourselves from any products that are harmful to our health but it is a resource to be developed positively with the desire to learn to recognize the foods that are good for us, that are good for us every day. .

Because learning to eat well, to feel good with the head and with the body, is the principle on which to base our life. And not just for a matter of health but to improve our life in a qualitative way.

So palm oil yes or no? Palm oil yes when it is used correctly, without slaughtering entire forests and without being too hot, so hot to burn that it unleashes a primordial broth of harmful fats. If things continue to be as they are now then let’s try to avoid not only palm oil but everything that hurts us and that is contained in common foods. We learn to read the ingredients of the products and we do not buy poor food to save money but only certified and fresh food, which does not bring us problems both in the present and in the future and not just personal, global.

Because warming our world means not taking care of who we are and of the generations to come. So beware and be prepared, this is our most powerful weapon.

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