Overweight: Dr. Hyman’s Simple Diet Plan

Overweight: Dr. Hyman’s Simple Diet Plan

Dr. Hyman, director of the Cleveland Hospital of Functional Medicine , renowned obesity expert and contributor to the Dr. Oz show, previews a simple diet plan for overweight people in the new season of the Dr. Oz Show. This is a very easy set of rules to implement , which can help those with a lot of kilos to lose but no idea how to set up a healthier lifestyle to be able to lose weight.

In particular, Hyman offers a simple formula to evaluate if you are overweight and dangerous for your health: just measure your waistline at the navel and multiply it by two. If the result is greater than your height, then you fall into a “visceral” overweight and this plan may be for you.

The rules:
1) No sugary drinks and no added sugar in drinks. Also reduce the amount of products with sugar, such as snacks, biscuits, sweets of all kinds.
2) No alcohol for at least thirty days.
3) Set a breakfast not based on carbohydrates only, but with quality fats such as olive oil, almond butter, avocado. For example, two slices of toasted bread with olive oil or organic almond butter.
4) Eat two large plates of vegetables per meal: for lunch, leafy greens, asparagus, artichokes or broccoli are preferred. Among legumes, lentils are better because they have prebiotic fibers.

5) For lunch, quinoa, buckwheat, sweet potatoes or potatoes are better than pasta or rice, or wholemeal pasta and rice only. Vegetables will help fill us up more, thus reducing the amount of carbohydrates in lunch.

Let’s see the practical scheme to implement the advice of dr. Hyman and fight overweight.
 skimmed or vegetable milk, a glass. Two to three slices of rye or wholemeal bread with a teaspoon of olive oil per slice or hazelnut / almond butter.
Snack: a low-fat Greek yogurt and a handful of pistachios
Lunch: a portion of salad with olive oil precedes the plate of pasta or rice.
Rice or pasta only wholemeal dish, otherwise quinoa, buckwheat, oats, or a large baked potato, or a dish of only legumes + cooked vegetables, especially green leafy, or broccoli.
Snack:   a low-fat Greek yogurt and a handful of pistachios or a pound of olives
In the afternoon: walking.
Dinner: grilled meat or fish with vegetables, alternatively two eggs or low-fat cheeses are good. A fruit of 150 gr.

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