Osteoarthritis: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Osteoarthritis: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common rheumatological pathologies, and it is a degenerative process that affects the cartilage . Let’s find out better.

Types of arthrosis

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Knee osteoarthritis

Types of arthrosis

Arthrosis  is an inflammation of the cartilage , it is different from arthritis , which rather affects the synovial component. It represents the most common rheumatological pathology. Osteoarthritis, although it is a chronic degenerative process, is often characterized by the acute re-ignition of the disorders. A peculiar characteristic of this pathology is the loss of cartilage , the membrane that covers the ends of the bones that are articulated between them. The climatic variations can exacerbate the discomforts of this disease. 

The generative process localized to the hip or knee can obstruct the path, while the arthrosis of the hands can compromise the execution of various daily acts. Arthosis can also affect the spine.


Among the symptoms of osteoarthritis, the most important is undoubtedly joint pain . In the initial phase of the disease, pain occurs especially after being still for many hours, then in the morning when you wake up , for example, or during sleep following sudden movements. In the latter case, the pain is excruciating and sudden.

In the more advanced stage of osteoarthritis, the pain is localized and can appear even when one is at rest, for example following changes in the weather .  

Other symptoms concern the limitation of movements that depends on muscle contractures. When the disease is at an advanced stage, dislocations or deformities can also be created. In any case, osteoarthritis never proceeds to the total loss of functions except in rare cases or in the case of hip arthritis .

Causes of arthrosis

The causes of osteoarthritis are still unknown . Probably the onset of the disease depends on several concomitant causes. However, there are risk factors to consider, such as:

  • mechanical factors, also linked to lifestyle;
  • age;
  • genetics and heredity;
  • obesity and endocrine diseases.


There are no specific diagnostic tests in those who find themselves struggling with the discomforts of osteoarthritis: there is a generic increase in ESR (the erythrocyte sedimentation rate of the blood) and in PCR (C reactive protein).  


Nutrition in case of arthrosis  

Consume many whole grains, legumes, eggs, fish caught in the sea, “low-fat” dairy products, soy and derivatives, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and oilseeds, fresh organic fruits and vegetables . Avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, sugar (sucrose), refined cereals, butter, cream, margarine, cured meats, sausages, high-fat cuts of beef and poultry. 

Integrate your diet with garlic, leek, artichoke, cabbage, cucumber, thyme, cherry, strawberry, lemon, apple, grapefruit, currants, grapes, dried figs, natural low-fat yogurt and added with  Lactobacillus acidophilus,  molasses, pure organic cocoa, oats in flakes (for breakfast) and in grains (in soups and soups).


The initial processes can be stopped with the use of  diacerin,  a substance obtained from the anthraquinones contained in the roots of  Rhubarb  (Rheum palmatum) .  

In the presence of joint or periarticular pain, phytotherapeutic extracts in Nettle  leaves  ( Urtica urens or U. dioica ) , fluid extract, 20 drops 3 bolte a day, or currant leaves   Ribes Nigrum), due to the presence of polyphenols and triterpenes with anti-inflammatory action, bud extract, 50 drops in the morning on an empty stomach.

The devil’s claw among the remedies for osteoarthritis: find out how to use it

Devil's claw

Bach flowers for osteoarthritis

Rock water and Oak are two Bach flowers that fight stiffness and physical pain on different levels, in fact also usefulin case of arthritis. They can assist therapy, in the sense of awareness of the person, less in the real direction of the benefit to the bones.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine , osteoarthritis can be caused by Wind or Cold , Kidney Yang deficiency and Xue (Blood) Qi stasis . The purpose of acupuncture therapy is to slow down progress until it stops and locally treat inflammatory processes in order to quell the resulting pain.

Homeopathy in case of arthrosis

Some homeopathic remedies that are often recommended by experts in case of osteoarthritis. We indicate them, but we always recommend that you rely on your trusted homeopath to trace the triggering cause, the state of the disorder and the general condition of the patient. Among the most common remedies in case of osteoarthritis:  

  • ctea racemosa – Ferrum phosphoricum 5 CH  5 granules every 4 hours, alternating the 2 preparations. Usually in the treatment the dosage is reduced according to the progressive improvement. 
  • Apis mellifica 9 CH  5 granules repeated as needed. 
  • Bryonia 7 CH  5 granules every 2 hours. 
  • Calcarea fluorica 9 CH  5 granules, once a day. 
  • Dulcamara 9 CH  5 granules every 2 hours. 
  • Hypericum 15 CH  5 granules every 4 hours. 
  • Kali carbonicum 7 CH  5 granules, once a day. 


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Exercises to prevent osteoarthritis

Regular exercise is the first and most important preventative procedure. To produce its effects on the bones, physical exercise must be carried out regularly (at least 2/3 times a week). In the person suffering from osteoarthritis, physical exercise, in addition to increasing bone mass, reduces pain associated with osteoarticular pathologies, improves balance and endurance, not to mention humoral tone.

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