Off 5 kilos a month on the new rice diet

Off 5 kilos a month on the new rice diet

The new rice diet of Dr. Gurkin Rosati and her husband, Dr. Robert Rosati is a diet that is based on a lot of complex carbohydrates, simple sugars only from fruit, a modest protein content and a very low fat content.

Dr. Rosati is a dietician and specialist in obesity and cardiovascular disorders, Dr. Rosati is an internist and cardiologist.

In their decades of experience with obese and overweight patients, these two doctors explain that a low-fat diet and not a low-carbohydrate diet not only makes you lose weight quickly, but improves blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides.

Many people on Dcomedieta ask me why, because they are used to thinking or believing that high blood sugar and overweight are a consequence of carbohydrates. But to date, there is no scientific proof in this regard.


The new rice diet is based on Dr. Kempner’s studies and his 1930s rice diet , which in the 1930s was a very effective protocol in the management of severe cases of overweight, whose cases are well documented.

At the basis of Dr. Kempner’s studies was the idea that those who were heavily overweight or diabetic should limit fat to improve insulin sensitivity and promote proper carbohydrate management to provide clean energy to the body.

Kempner was a doctor who devised the rice diet to originally treat hypertension and kidney disease in two weeks. He then discovered by chance, through a patient who had instead done it for two months, that in addition to lowering the blood pressure, the diet reduced body fat, cholesterol and blood sugar.

The thesis is that in the absence or strong reduction of fat in the diet, the body must draw on reserve fat during fasting (understood here as the period between one meal and another) and night rest . And to do this you become more sensitive to insulin. As a result, blood sugar is lowered as well as cholesterol and triglycerides, and body fat is reduced quickly. Furthermore, with the reduction of fats there is an increase in metabolism in the resting phases. In short, more calories are burned at night than with other low-calorie diets.

Kempner was able to treat about 18,000 patients with his diet throughout his career , many of whom lost many pounds (even seventy or eighty) and got rid of drugs. No doctor and no scientist ever managed to refute his method, because Kempner documented everything on a case-by-case basis, providing detailed analyzes and even x-rays.


Designed for heavily overweight people, the rice diet is a diet of around 1200 calories (for women) and 1500 calories for men, and allows you to lose 5 kg per month or more.

It is a diet low in fat and sodium, useful in those who are highly overweight, in diabetics and in those with hypertension problems, in people with insulin sensitivity problems.
Provides a good fiber content, which leaves you full for a long time. Carbohydrates from pasta and rice may or may not be wholemeal depending on your sensitivity to a higher percentage of fiber, while bread is only recommended wholemeal. You do not eat some food of industrial origin and it is a plan also suitable for those who are vegan or vegetarian.

Other things you ask me.

  • But does the rice diet only include rice?
  • Rice makes me constipated! 
    The diet does not only include rice, the problem does not arise. Momentary fat-reducing constipation may occur for a few days. The time for the metabolism to reset itself. Anyone who wants can take a little psyllium in the first few days.
  • But rice has a high glycemic index, so it’s not recommended for diabetics!
    When you read the plan you will see that white rice is very limited, at around 40-50 grams per day. On the detox day, basmati or wholemeal is used. Just read the plan.
  • The metabolism slows down with 1200 calories per day !!!
    Again, metabolism slows down with any low calorie diet. The rice diet makes you lose weight quickly and causes less metabolism reduction than any other diet due to a higher number of carbohydrates.

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