Obesity or Overweight

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Obesity or Overweight| Obesity test

Obesity or Overweight
Obesity or Overweight

In this article I will discuses about that obesity or overweight. we know that obesity is mother of diseases. You are healthy if you are in your normal weight. Due to irrational feeding behavior you may suffer from obesity. In this article we will discuss about causes of obesity, symptoms of obesity, obesity test and treatment of obesity. We will also discuss about obesity related diseases.

What is obesity or overweight?

If your weight is higher than your ideal body weight then you are obese or over weight.
Symptoms of overweight or obesity:
If you have following signs then you are obese, in future you may suffer from heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension.
You weight is higher than your normal weight.
Your BMI is more than 24.
Your waist circumference is more than 92 if you are male and more than 82 if you are female
You hip circumference is more than 82 if you are male.
You will feel tiered and fatigue in all day.
Rate of sweating increase due to fatty skin.
Higher storage of fat in adipose tissues.
You may suffer joint pain.

Obesity test:|Obesity or Overweight

BMI is and Waist to hip ratio is used to identify risk of obesity in body. Method to calculate BMI is given below:
If you want to calculate your BMI then click on this: BMI Calculator.

BMI Result
Lower than 18.5 Under weight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25 – 29.9 Overweight
30 – 34.9 Obese stage I
35 – 39.9 Obese stage II

BMI (Body mass index) tells us about the shape of body according to your height.
Waist to Hip ratio:
Waist to hip ratio tells us about the fatty appearance of body. It is ratio between Hip circumference and waist circumference.

If you want to calculate your WHR then click on: WHR Calculator
Causes of Obesity:

Genetics: Obesity or Overweight

Obesity may be genetically present in obese person. Some Obesity causing genes present in DNA that cause obesity. To cure identify and cure this type of obesity genomic study of DNA is most important. Simply you can identify as, if you father or mother is obese as it his/her father and mother were also obese, Then you will be obese.
High Intake of carbohydrate:
Chances of Obesity increase in those areas where Carbohydrates are used as staple food. There should be only 60% of carbohydrate in your diet. If we intake it higher than this range then we may suffer from high disease rate and obesity. Because biochemically carbohydrates break down into glucose and this glucose is used as energy to produce ATP. Extra glucose stores in liver or muscles. But more than enough presence of glucose convert into fatty acids that may cause obesity.

Irrational and Over eating:

Irrational feeding behavior also causes obesity. Feeding behavior is a psychological disease Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa are two diseases that cause Obesity.
Bulimia Nervosa:
In this type of disease patient eats more than enough food, after that remove it with fingers.
Irregular eating behavior causes these types of diseases.
Pleasant food which is not healthy while smell, taste and color is pleasant, then Leptin ( a hunger hormone ) increase and taste buds and slivery glands produce sliva which cause Hunger, and we eat more and more food.


Sedentary and less active life style cause obesity. Due to Improper exercise and low muscular activity. We use low energy in our activities and eat more than usage. This excessive energy stored in adipose which cause obesity.
Treatment for Obesity:
Some important general guide lines are given below to cure and prevent from obesity.
Low carbohydrate diet
Protein Diet
Keto diet plan
Proper Exercise
Emphasize on Vegetables and Fruits
High fiber diet
These are some diets used to cure Obesity. Click on any diet plan you will reached at complete diet plan.


In the light of above discussion obesity is very severe condition. If you have overweight, fatty appearance, high sweeting, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases then you are obese. Another way to know obesity is BMI and Waist to hip ratio tests. Obesity may cause genetically, overweight and lifestyle. If you want treatment of obesity then change you feeding behavior and visits above diets that are used to cure obesity as soon as possible.



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