Nutrition and gray hair: what binds them?

Nutrition and gray hair: what binds them?

Have you ever thought that you have a chance to reduce your gray hair?
Yes, I know, it sounds absurd, but if you think about it, it is no coincidence that after a period of acute stress you find yourself with a few more white hairs. If from one point of view white hair is the consequence of aging, from another point of view, nutrition and white hair are connected.

I mean that particular nutritional deficiencies can have an impact, for better or for worse, on our hair, and also on its color.
Over the years the hair fibers lose melanin , because the cells that produce melanin or melanocytes produce less, and therefore this causes the gradual depigmentation of the hair, which first turns gray and then whitens completely.
However, deficiency of three key nutrients in the diet has been found to worsen this natural process, leading it, in essence, by up to ten or fifteen years.

So there are people who already have a lot of white hair at the age of thirty.
Optimizing nutrition is therefore essential for our melanocytes to continue to function.


  1. The first deficiency is that of B vitamins, in particular pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 and folic acid (called vitamin B9 or vitamin M).
    We find these mainly in cereals and legumes, but be careful: if legumes and cereals have been soaked overnight or even sprouted, the bioavailability of these vitamins increases.
  2. Another role can be played by vitamin B12 , which we find above all in meat and especially in the liver or fatty fish. People deficient in vitamin B12 were seen to have more gray or white hair.
  3. Finally, an essential nutrient is copper .
    I advise against taking a copper supplement, because the risk with inappropriate dosages is to limit the absorption of other minerals such as zinc. However, seafood, and especially shrimp, are rich in copper. Eating shrimp once a week, for example in doses of 150 or 200 grams, is one way to overcome this deficiency. Chocolate, oilseeds and cocoa are also a minor but adequate source for example in everyday nutrition. Lastly, offal: they are more nutritious than the muscle of meat, especially in trace elements. Here too, the liver can help us, to eat once a week or every two weeks.

A complete diet rich in these nutrients can lead not only to a lower risk of whitening before time, but can act on the melanocytes, allowing the gray hair to return to its color.

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