How to lose weight without physical activity

How to lose weight without physical activity

How to lose weight without physical activity?
Let’s say that dieting without thinking about doing some activity, or in general being sedentary, is not recommended.
That is, during weight loss there are more chances of losing lean mass if you do not do physical activity, in addition, the diet is generally more restrictive if we are sedentary. However, for those who want to try to lose weight without physical activity and without crash diets, here are 5 useful tips to do it.
Clearly, you cannot expect the same results from a calorie restricted diet.
These tips work , and they do very well, if our goal is to lose a little weight at a time, for example a couple of pounds a month


  1. Try fasting.
    Intermittent fasting allows you to eat less, but you have to approach this practice little by little. For example, trying to stay ten hours straight (including sleep) without eating, and if that doesn’t cause us too much stress, try for twelve hours. At that point, we can choose intermittent fasting of 14 or 16 hours every other day or from Monday to Friday.
    Here are three plans for doing intermittent fasting.
  2. Focus on the vegetables first.
    Make the main course of lunch or dinner a dish of greens or vegetables only. You can then add a small second protein of meat, fish, eggs or skim cheeses, or add a pound of drained legumes to the dish, and finish with a fruit or a small wholemeal sandwich.
  3. Cuisine: take-away dishes, dinners or lunches out, aperitifs. These are all occasions in which it is really not possible to correctly quantify how many calories are consumed. In theory, a margherita pizza should have 850/900 calories, in practice 1200/1300 calories are more likely. Same thing for a homemade dessert, unless you’re Nigella Lawson.
  4. Focus on the natural.
    It is always better to fill the trolley with natural products, that is non-industrial, such as fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish and not from preparations, fresh or dried legumes, PDO cheeses, grains such as oat flakes for breakfast. This will make cutting calories and eating healthier easier.
    And also have fewer temptations at hand, that is, in the fridge or pantry.
  5. Include some treats.
    Dieting or feeling on a diet is exhausting. Better to vary the dishes, and even better indulge in a small daily whim that is not bulky. For example, a pack of pavesini, 15 grams of dark chocolate, 3 small biscuits, two popsicles or two lollipops or 50 grams of ice cream. We are on 100 calories but this little escape from the diet allows us not to feel the sacrifice of our choices, and not to give in to bigger cheats.

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