Nutribullet Balance: the blender that counts calories

Nutribullet Balance: the blender that counts calories

A new product arrives in the Nutribullet series , special blenders that are excellent because they keep the nutrients of fruit and vegetables unaltered, acting halfway between a normal blender and an extractor.

The new blender is called Nutribullet Balance , and, by means of a BlueTooth device that connects to our mobile phone via an app, acts as a smart device. The Nutribullet Balance in fact determines all the nutritional values ​​of the smoothie we are preparing, and notifies them on the mobile phone .

We will then be able to know exactly how many calories, how many fats, how many carbohydrates, how many fibers and how many proteins our smoothie contains.

The first buyers of the product, which costs around two hundred euros, appear enthusiastic about this new function , to which is added that of special sensors that explain how to insert the ingredients in a certain order to get the most out of the smoothie from the point of view of nutrients. and taste.

At the time of writing, however, Nutribullet Balance has not yet arrived in the Italian market, so for fans of the genre, it must always be ordered from abroad.

For now it is possible to order it only on (maybe in a few months it will also be on sale on, so it might be better to wait to see if it drops in price: but in general all Nutribullets are quite expensive), at the price of about $ 250 including postage. Find it here 

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