Nutella Biscuits unavailable, sold at triple the price

Nutella Biscuits unavailable, sold at triple the price

I mean, seriously, but do you really do? Since Nutella Biscuits are not available in the supermarket, do you go and look for them on EBay or Amazon and buy them at double or triple the price?

I don’t know about you, but on facebook I have at least twenty contacts who talk about Nutella Biscuits, Ferrero’s Nutella-filled biscuits, as well as the lost treasure that they would buy at any price. Now we are all in a panic because one type of biscuit among hundreds of proposals is no longer in the supermarket?

Now, I have nothing against Nutella Biscuits, or against Ferrero, or against Nutella, mind you.

But we’re talking about a packet of cookies. What exactly is going on?
Because the thing, even if it seems silly, is actually serious, and I try to explain why.
Starting with why these cookies are no longer available in the supermarket.


It took ten years and countless tests for Ferrero to launch Nutella Biscuits on the market. And many in fact bought and tried them, apart from me, who honestly had no particular interest in tasting them.

Perhaps too many have bought them. Because apparently the request outweighed the offer . I have heard these days about hidden marketing strategies, but I have not found sources that confirm this thing on the net. Quite simply, the production is lower than the current demand, I imagine Ferrero will provide, and therefore at the moment the shelves of many supermarkets remain out of stock.
The point, however, is another.

Your search for the Nutella biscuit hides a bitter truth.

Why are you so interested in buying these cookies? Can’t you wait for them to produce more?

Because either the taste of these cookies was better, I don’t know, than your first kiss, an unforgettable trip, your graduation day or other big events, or, this hunt for the lost cookie doesn’t make sense and can tell you a lot about it. relationship you have with food. And of the fact that industry, any industry, has you basically in its grip. Although in this case he did not do it in the least on purpose. But that’s the way it is.
You are addicted to the product.

A product that in this case is a biscuit with a 71-calorie hazelnut spread , with 8.7 grams of carbohydrates and 3.6 grams of fat . To make you understand, a Nutella Biscuit has the same caloric value of two rusks with a level teaspoon of jam. 150 grams of apple. 320 grams of pumpkin. And two biscuits exceed a teaspoon of olive oil in fat. Neither more nor less than other filled biscuits, mind you.

But then you say: that carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and fruit make you fat. That it is difficult to diet. That it is useless to eat healthy because you get fat anyway.
And that the Mediterranean diet sucks and if you are overweight now it’s his fault.

I would like to be clear on one point.

In the Mediterranean diet as it was intended , there was no room for these and other biscuits. The dessert was occasional, the real dessert was once fruit or Sunday dessert, if anything. People once ate breakfast with stale bread and milk. They were all thinner once. These are the facts.

Healthy eating is where industry shouldn’t play such a prominent role.

Because natural food, today we also know it scientifically and I talked about it here , is not addictive and does not lead to overeating. Cookies, chips, creams, snacks and more yes. You are free to tear your hair out for these delicious cookies and waste time looking for them in supermarkets or online where you will pay three times the price.
You are very free in your choices, I do not want to make you moral, to say I like ice cream.
Or in any case I would prefer bread and Nutella.

But a minimum of consistency.
Then don’t say that the Mediterranean diet or that healthy eating with you in general has failed.

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