Is it possible to lose 3 kg in 7 days?

Is it possible to lose 3 kg in 7 days?

A strategy to lose 3 kg in 7 days is possible , according to Dr. Rachael Link, consultant on the Healtline site. But if you want to avoid regaining the lost weight it is always necessary to follow the diet with a plan that we will call a transition and a maintenance one.

This scheme is designed for men and women up to 40 years of age with good cardiovascular health and localized adiposity problems but an average overweight of 7 kilos.

The impact phase is low carbohydrates but not drastic and it is strictly necessary to follow the training protocol. It can be followed for a maximum of 3 more days, but it is best to stick to the week. Weight loss is estimated with an average: there are those who can lose 4 kilos and those 2.


Dietary part.

For 7 days it is necessary to follow a diet with higher protein intake and lower intake of carbohydrates, low-calorie.

For a woman , this means choosing a food from 150 grams of chicken, turkey, veal, white tofu, boiled legumes, egg whites (or two eggs), cottage cheese or white fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with two 125 grams of citrus snacks. grams and two large side dishes of vegetables or greens. Granted a teaspoon of oil per meal. Instead of the protein food, you can opt for 25 grams of vegan protein powder or whey with chocolate or vanilla (for example for breakfast).

For a man the foods of choice are 200 grams of protein food or two scoops of protein powder per meal and up to 2 teaspoons of oil for lunch and dinner, but citrus for the same doses and free vegetables. You can drink zero calorie sweetened drinks, herbal teas, coffee and tea with sweetener. No to corn and tubers for both men and women as regards vegetable side dishes, instead favoring all green vegetables.

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