New slimming device reduces weight by 40%

New slimming device reduces weight by 40%

The  University of Wisconsin-Madison has devised a revolutionary new weight loss device that for the moment has only been tested on mice. But that has led to outstanding results in terms of weight loss .

It is a minimally invasive device, without batteries.
It does not require surgery and is about the size of a 5 cent dime.

This device releases slow vibrations that affect the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve regulates intestinal function through the brain.

As a result, the brain thinks that the stomach is full  and dulls the feeling of hunger .

In the past, other slimming devices have been developed that used the same principle.

In this case the device releases minimal and non-continuous vibrations, in line with the natural motility of the stomach.
And they would therefore have no side effects.

The team of scientist Prof. Xudong Wang who devised this particular slimming device has so far tested it on mice. The results have been incredible.

The group of mice it was tested  on lost 40% of their body weight.

According to the doctor, the method would allow obese people, whose problem is not knowing how to regulate themselves with food, to automatically eat less.
But without bariatric surgery.

The next trial will be conducted on pigs.
If this confirms the results obtained, within five years from now the slimming device can be used in people. And approved by the FDA for trade.

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