Natural Horoscope for October

Natural Horoscope for October

The horoscope of October 2021 according to the astrological calendar, from September 23 to October 22: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The natural horoscope for October 2021  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month,  tips on how to manage the period in the best possible way , tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and advice on reading and music.

Overview of the horoscope for October

The October sky is marked by the energy of  Libra ,  the sign associated with important marriages, professional unions, associations of all kinds. Separations, divorces, lawsuits and disputes in general also refer to the sign of Libra. What should we expect from this autumn sky, which sees  the Sun, Mercury,  Mars  and the  New Moon  (day 6) all in the sign of Libra? Certainly a certain difficulty in reaching what represents the goal of this sign:  relational harmony . 

Intimate relationships and any form of personal and professional collaboration will be in some way “tested”, and put under pressure by a series of confrontations / clashes  resulting from a series of ambivalences, doubts, indecisions or unhappy positions that could prove difficult to manage. One of the cardinal principles of the sign of Libra is that of  justice,  which in turn is closely connected to that of  balance  and  harmony .

In its purest and highest expression, the Archetype wants to create rules and conditions  that are just  for everyone, free from any form of prevarication. Only in this way can balance and harmony be achieved. Aquarius , one of the signs that is dominating the scene of this sky of 2021, (Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius), is also moved by a sense of justice.

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October horoscope for Aries

October starts with some ups and downs due to the opposition of Mars in Libra, a planet that until day 30 will form an aspect of opposition to your Sun. This transit indicates, on average, a tendency to controversy, nervousness and impatience …

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October horoscope for Taurus

A period of great ferment begins: what’s cooking in the pot? There are interesting prospects for the  future , occasions that in some cases want you to be at attention as you turn the page and conquer new territories …

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October horoscope for Gemini

Ruled by Mercury you are strongly influenced by its reversals, by the relationships that the “messenger of the gods” intertwines with the other planets. And it often happens that when the planet “slows down”, you become a little more reflective …

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October horoscope for Cancer

Some small obstacles are looming for those born of Cancer in this month of October strongly marked by the energy of the planets in Libra (Sun, Mercury, Mars), a sign that according to astrological correspondences it is in quadrature with yours. It must be said, however, that the annoying squares could concern…

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Leo October horoscope

October is a truly inspiring month! With Mercury supporting you, the profession is undergoing a surge: job offers, new clients, more income, travel, new acquaintances, are some of the gifts on the planet. In the first fortnight Mercury will be retrograde …

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October horoscope for Virgo

October is a bit tiring sky, and not because there are serious and important problems to face, but because your mood could fluctuate between the serene variable. Because all in all this is a positive period, but there is always a comma …

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October horoscope for Libra

October opens with a flourish! Venus , your guiding star, enters Sagittarius, a transit that will not go unnoticed, especially for Libra in search of love. The planet, for a good part of the month, will highlight your charm, your sensuality, your sympathy …

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October horoscope for Scorpio

And finally good news is on the way for Scorpio too. Saturn , the planet of wisdom, of maturity, but also of the tests we have to face to grow,  day 10  resumes direct motion. An event destined to melt…

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October horoscope for Sagittarius

With Mars and Mercury supporting you with a nice sextile from the sign of Libra and Venus in the sign, October begins with an extra gear. The three planets will contribute to making your relationships and understanding with your neighbor easier and more immediate …

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October horoscope for Capricorn

You start the month of October in a responsible, concentrated, but somewhat restless way, perhaps due to an accumulation of duties, commitments, various urgencies. The first two weeks of the month will be the most tiring. Mercury, the planet that symbolizes in astrology…

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October horoscope for Aquarius

Positive month that of October. To give you joy, optimism and confidence in your potential are Mars in Libra and obviously Jupiter in the sign. The beautiful trine between the two planets will allow you to approach the world and people in a more serene way …

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