Natural Horoscope for January

Natural Horoscope for January

The horoscope of January 2022 according to the astrological calendar, from December 22 to January 20: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The natural horoscope for January 2022  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month,  tips on how to manage the period in the best possible way , tips on body, movement and spiritual aspects.

General overview of the January horoscope

In January we will have two retrograde planets:  Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius . 

  • Venus will end its retrograde motion  on January 29th  and will perform harmonious aspects with Neptune, Sun and Uranus during the month. In this period we will be able to analyze and reinterpret some events that occurred between  19 and 28 November  and observe them in another light.

Venus in Capricorn asks us to analyze our relationships, to understand what we want from our relationships.

If a relationship has been born recently and is struggling to take off, we may begin to wonder if it is worth carrying on or not. By February many situations will begin to become clear  and there will be no more doubts.

If the person we are dating also takes a step back, it is because he is trying to understand what he feels, or what he wants to do, so it would be better not to force events. Aspects involving Venus also suggest that there may be reconnections with people from the past . In this case, it is better not to expose yourself too much either one way or another, at least until Venus resumes direct motion.

  • Mercury  enters Aquarius on January 2 . The planet begins its retrograde motion on day 14 , and then returns to Capricorn on day 25. Mercury in Aquarius stimulates us to seek contact with others, especially with people with whom we feel we have a certain mental affinity.

Between  12 and 16 January  Mercury will form a square with Uranus , a transit that could give rise to tensions, misunderstandings, setbacks, unpleasant surprises. They will be complicated days, during which there may be a tendency to prove too rigid, stubborn.

Mars day 24 leaves the sign of Sagittarius to enter Capricorn sign where Pluto is located. The red planet will help all of us to stabilize energy and use it more concretely and effectively.

A material push that could provide us with the first real opportunity of the year to rearrange our expectations and our projects, while remaining anchored to the ground. The energy of Mars , in fact, tends to be more concentrated than when Mars was in Sagittarius, and can help us obtain excellent results in the professional field, especially in those jobs that require patience, endurance, concentration. An excellent force to decide, to pursue the projects that are important to us and carry them out.

January horoscope for Aries

Determined and successful at work , but more uncertain and less confident than you on the sentimental front. This is how the stars of the beginning of the year see you. On the one hand, in fact, there is Mars in Sagittarius which makes you vital, bright, active and also quite combative…

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January horoscope for Taurus

You continue to be supported by the beautiful Venus,  who from the sign of Capricorn protects you with a warm trine of earth. The goddess of love and beauty, on November 5th she began to add some spice to your love life. Even the Taurus…

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January horoscope for Gemini

Happy New Year Gemini! With Mercury entering the sign of Aquarius, the month starts off quite well , albeit with some contradictions. The opposition of Mars, in fact, continues to create a bit of turmoil in your relationships …

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January horoscope for Cancer

Welcome 2022, a year that promises to be dynamic and active and, why not, also  lucky . With Jupiter  in splendid support, the opportunities to relaunch your life are numerous, it is just a matter of choosing and selecting among the “things” that you feel are right for you …

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Leo January horoscope

Happy New Year dear friend of Leo! There are still somewhat contradictory energies in this beginning of the year , Saturn and Uranus continue to be at a difficult angle to your birth Sun to indicate that your personal growth work is not yet completed…

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January horoscope for Virgo

It is not that December was exactly a sensational month . First the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, then the entry of Mars put you in front of somewhat unpredictable, unexpected situations, which may have occurred in the family …

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January horoscope for Libra

The beginning of the new year sees you a bit confused , especially on the sentimental front. The retrogradation of Venus, which began on  December 19 , ushered in a phase full of doubts, dilemmas, second thoughts and indecisions. Venus, moreover, has entered…

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January horoscope for Scorpio

Many changes await you in the course of this 2022! It is a real revolution of horizons and perspectives, but above all of your attitude towards life. You get rid of the mistrust of recent years, you shake off a bit of heaviness …

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January horoscope for Sagittarius

Happy New Year dear friend of Sagittarius! 2022 starts well . Mars until day 24 passes through your sign an astrological passage that is characterized by greater energy, vitality, resourcefulness. When Mars transits on the Sun of birth…

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January horoscope for Capricorn

Happy New Year dear friend of Capricorn! With Venus continuing its transit undisturbed in your sign , January opens in the name of love, romance, creativity. Since Venus in her journey will form a good aspect with Uranus …

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January horoscope for Aquarius

Happy New Year dear Aquarius friend! With Mercury entering your sign, January opens in the name of movement and news . The planet will increase social life, contacts, travel and could also help you shed some light …

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January horoscope for Pisces

Happy New Year dear friend of Pisces! January opens with a flourish . Jupiter has now entered your sign , while Venus supports you with a beautiful sextile from the sign of Capricorn, infusing you with charisma, sensuality, sympathy. With the two planets in good aspect you will be…

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