Gong, sounds and vibrations of a powerful transformation tool

Gong, sounds and vibrations of a powerful transformation tool

The gong is an instrument with great potential, still little known in Italy. Roberta Bottari and Fausto Radaelli, experts and authors of a recent volume on the subject, describe the precious role that this instrument can play in the field of well-being and sound therapy.


Instrument of transformation, rebalancing and re-harmonization. Depositary of still largely unexplored beneficial powers, the gong lends itself well to accompanying well-being rituals and holistic practices of a different nature . 

To deepen our knowledge in the field of sound therapy and discover its advantages on a physical and mental level, we turned to  Roberta Bottari (holistic operator) and Fausto Radaelli (psychotherapist) , authors of the essay “ Gong. Transformation tool. Sounds and vibrations to find balance and harmony ” , published by Do it Human Editori.

With what intent was the book “Gong instrument of transformation” born?

The book came out in November of this year and had a long gestation. We started writing it in 2015 and it has grown with us. When we trained in the gong we wished we could read a book about such a fascinating instrument, but there were none in Italian and few in English.

We therefore wrote the book with the intention of spreading the knowledge of this tool in the holistic field and beyond . Having experienced firsthand the power of the gong, we wanted to share its principles, history, the events in which it is the protagonist, techniques, two researches, testimonies and interviews with great gong players and trainers .

Gong and sound therapy. How did this tool enter the holistic realm?

For millennia, gong has been used in rituals of healing, purification and transformation . It was rediscovered in the West in the holistic field thanks to Yogi Bhajan and Don Conreaux in the late 1960s. It was Don Conreaux himself who conceived the gong bath , an event of full immersion in sounds and vibrations.

The gong brings well-being when played correctly. It is a very simple and very complex instrument at the same time, it is a world that reveals itself as you play. Playing it for others requires proper training, this is because the gong is a powerful transformative tool .

What benefits does it bring to those who receive its vibrations?

The gong is more than just a relaxation tool. Its multi-frequency sound and its powerful vibrations have a strong impact on the body, mind and spirit of those who receive them.

The gong re-tunes us by giving us rebalancing and re-harmonization and is able to activate self-healing processes .

The book describes our research based on nearly 1000 questionnaires completed by the participants in our gong baths and the irrefutable results are that in the vast majority of people the gong carries:

  • Relaxation ; 
  • centering ;
  • joy ; 
  • decrease in stress ,  anxiety ,  agitation ;
  • improvement of physical condition ;
  • support for one’s life path .

Is there a scientific literature on these properties?

There is currently very little scientific research on the effects of gong. One of these can be found in our book and concerns the effect this tool has on the behavioral disorders of people with Alzheimer’s and moderate to severe dementia .

Another qualitative research based on questionnaires is the one we mentioned earlier.

How is it possible to take advantage of the gong experience?

In the holistic field it is above all in the form of the gong bath, an experience in which the sounds and vibrations of this instrument are received while lying down in total relaxation, typically for about an hour . It is offered both as an individual session and as a group.

The gong is also used in concerts where people often attend sitting and in Gong Puja or night of the gongs , an event in which the gongs are played for at least 7 and a half hours, without interruption, lulling the participants to sleep . 

Which disciplines lend themselves to “dialogue” and be accompanied with the gong?

There are many disciplines and practices that create powerful synergies with the gong. As we have described in the book, gong pairs well with meditation practices, massages of various types, counseling , coaching and psychotherapy sessions, and various spiritual practices and energetic-vibrational disciplines .

A combination that has been present for years is with the practice of yoga . The gong is a tool that, we are convinced, will be increasingly widespread in the holistic field in the coming years as its transformative power is very powerful and still largely to be discovered .

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