Natural horoscope for February

Natural horoscope for February

The horoscope of February 2022 according to the astrological calendar, from January 20 to February 18: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The natural horoscope for February 2022  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month,  tips on how to manage the period in the best possible way , tips on body, movement and spiritual aspects.

Overview of the horoscope for February

February is a very eventful month , on several fronts. Venus has now regained speed and this month will join first with Mars and then with Pluto .

Relations that between December 19th and January 29th underwent a standstill, a phase of doubt or reflection, will resume at great speed this month. The meeting of Venus with Mars symbolizes precisely the reunification of the two lovers of the Zodiac, therefore a hot month is expected, in which her passion will dominate, especially starting from the second week of the month.

Another good news is that Venus can finally express herself in the best side of her, the Venusian one. The themes dear to Venus are health, money, love, beauty, inner well-being, pleasure.  

Until day 20, the planet will pass through the second decan of Capricorn (associated with Venus) and this will allow all of us to catch our breath, to regain possession of the more playful aspects of our daily life.

In the phase of its retrogradation (which began on December 19), on the other hand, Venus focused on the third decan of Capricorn, associated with Mercury. The sign of Virgo (Mercury) in astrology also symbolizes health and we have seen how the theme of health was featured throughout the second half of December and also in January.

This passage of Venus, which can now express itself in the best form and energy of her, will allow us to feel better about ourselves, both from a psychophysical point of view (which will be noticed by those who have gone through a less brilliant phase from the point of view of health), economic (good news for those who have gone through a phase of greater economic hardship), or emotional and erotic . Clearly it will be the Astral Chart to indicate in which sector the passage of Venus has had the greatest impact.

February horoscope for Aries

February is a very strong month . Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto in Capricorn, a powerful combination, in some ways a bit challenging, which will push you to make important decisions, especially in the workplace …

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February horoscope for Taurus

The month of February is splendid for you : in your support there are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto and of course Jupiter, the planet that at this moment protects your personal initiatives. A really promising sky, therefore, that speaks of renewal …
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February horoscope for Gemini

February is a bit of a busy month , especially from a practical point of view. We are not talking about difficult or destabilizing situations, but the planets in Capricorn (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto) seem to direct you on arranging practical and bureaucratic matters …

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February horoscope for Cancer

Not a month since February fireworks. With four planets in opposition (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto) your relationships (professional and sentimental) will be subject to some tension. In the work  some forms of collaboration could…

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February horoscope for Leo

Work seems to be the main theme of this month of February: with four planets placed in your sixth field (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto in Capricorn), you will be very focused on techniques and working methods, and you could …

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February horoscope for Virgo

February was a really strong month , full of twists and turns and new opportunities . Venus over the course of the month will join first with Mars and then with Pluto, dyeing your personal sky a passion red color. A strong, very intense sky, which could indicate…

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February horoscope for Libra

It ‘s a bit of a mixed bag this February . The squaring of the planets in Capricorn could make you a little nervous, impatient, or make the conditions in which you carry out your activities a little less simple. But don’t imagine situations…

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February horoscope for Scorpio

The wave of energy, favors and good feelings continues! With four planets in sextile to the Sun (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto) February opens in a dynamic and sparkling way. The planets will enhance your strengths: charm, charisma, resourcefulness…

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February horoscope for Sagittarius

All concentrated on work, home and finances this month you will work hard (and a lot!) To eliminate some worries and dysfunctions from the home or family environment, or to consolidate the economic and financial foundations of work …

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February horoscope for Capricorn

With as many as four planets in your sign, February begins at a high speed. In the foreground, the triple conjunction of Venus with Mars and Pluto which proves in favor of a very favorable period for the realization of your desires …

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February horoscope for Aquarius

The month of February is a bit ambivalent. Unless your birth chart indicates otherwise, February doesn’t seem to be a particularly exceptional month . Venus, Mercury, Mars and Pluto put the accent on your…

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February horoscope for Pisces

Beautiful February, with so many planets in the earth signs that are supporting you unconditionally it’s hard for anything to go wrong. As usual we are talking about a general horoscope and not a personalized birth chart that can turn the situation around …

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