Natural Horoscope December 2020

Natural Horoscope December 2020

The horoscope of December 2020 according to the astrological calendar, from November 23 to December 21: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The natural horoscope for December 2020  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month, tips on how to manage the period in the best possible way, tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and advice on reading and music.

General overview of the horoscope for December

December brings us good news , the easing of restrictions and the reopening of many businesses. Mercury  enters Sagittarius and everything begins to be possible again. He begins to travel, move, move more. However, everything must always be done with caution and common sense as suggested, in the middle of the month, by the square of Mercury with  Neptune  in Pisces, an aspect that may indicate a certain vulnerability to the respiratory tract.

Mars in Aries  is now almost at the end of his mandate and on December 22 will form (for the last time) a square with  Pluto, with the risk of rekindling or reviving some tensions, some urgencies. Under this energy, it is good to remind ourselves to focus on what we can control rather than what we cannot.

There is a great need for change , for renewal, for hope for a better future. The company can no longer stand on the old models of all time:  the time has come to overturn what doesn’t work.

Here is the message that comes to us from the great conjunction of  Jupiter in Aquarius  and  Saturn in Aquarius , which will take place on December 21st at 0 degrees .

But to create a new world we need to make a clean sweepof the old models that have now proven not to work and that can no longer be applied to the new collective and individual needs.

There is a need for immediate answers and different solutions.  Innovate, change, revolutionize . But also team spirit, sharing, collaboration, freedom. These are the words associated with Aquarius, the most revolutionary and innovative sign of all the signs of the Zodiac.  

According to the principle that ” We cannot expect things to change if we continue to do the same things.” , it is only by doing something we have never done that we can change our reality . And who knows that the result may not exceed expectations.

Provided, however, ofopen the doors to new models , new answers, breaking solutions. Also because 2021 promises a rather complex scenario on the economic and financial side.

December horoscope for Aries

2020 ends with a flourish! It seems impossible to you right? Yet it is so. December marks the end of the transit of Saturn in Capricorn which day 17 passes in Aquarius, a friendly sign, with which you can cooperate in a harmonious way …

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December horoscope for Taurus

New scenarios begin to open for your sign. Saturn and Jupiter in the middle of the month move into the sign of Aquarius , the sign of innovation and the future. The two planets on December 21st will give life to a  great conjunction , an astrological event…

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December horoscope for Gemini

Lucky opportunities and positive changes await you dear Gemini! Jupiter and Saturn this month pass in Aquarius, and many situations in your life can grow visibly. The two planets in the Christmas period will be  close, close …

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December horoscope for Cancer

Let’s open the horoscope of the month with great news:  Saturn and Jupiter leave the opposition ! The first is about to enter Aquarius on the 17th, the second on the 19th. The changing of the guard of the planets marks the end of a cycle of your life, made up of sacrifices…

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December horoscope for Leo

The most important celestial datum of the month of December, for your sign, is the entry of  Saturn into Aquarius, day 17 , which will be followed by that of Jupiter , a few days later. The two planets will form an aspect of conjunction with each other, an astrological event…

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December horoscope for Virgo

We have reached the end of 2020, a difficult , complicated, severe year. For some it was particularly so, for others a little less, what is certain, however, is that the general climate was not the happiest. And on this there is little to argue …

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December horoscope for Libra

Are you ready to celebrate the end of 2020, dear Libra? Considering the transits of the last year, (especially if you belong to the third decade), I guess so. Raise your glasses, then, because there is good news . Jupiter and Saturn, this month are moving…

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December horoscope for Scorpio

December is a very lively sky . The planetary configurations speak of important changes and turning points, which, in your case, will concern the domestic and family sphere. Jupiter and Saturn make their entry into Aquarius…

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December horoscope for Sagittarius

What a beautiful month December! With  Venus in your sign , from day 16, your affection travels 360 degrees and is aimed at your partner, children, friends, relatives. Not to mention Mercury, which until day 20 will protect business, study, work. With these…

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December horoscope for Capricorn

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in your sign was not exactly a walk in the park. Between changes, responsibilities, obligatory internal analyzes, there were also complicated moments from a psychological point of view, especially for…

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December horoscope for Aquarius

December, last month of the year. Month of budgets, of good intentions, of plans for the new year. A month that often invites us to look inside ourselves and understand how much effort we have put into everything we have done, and what results we have achieved.…

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December horoscope for Pisces

December opens the new cycle of Jupiter , a Jupiter strongly linked to change, innovation and the future. A transit that gives you a great advantage: the possibility of opening yourself up to new forms of creativity, to projects that are even a bit visionary …

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