Natural Horoscope 2021

Natural Horoscope 2021

Natural horoscope 2021: forecasts and advice on your physical, emotional, psychic, relational and spiritual well-being.


Overview of the horoscope 2021

The 2021 horoscope is online , with all the forecasts sign by sign on physical, emotional, psychic, relational and spiritual well-being.

2021 opens with a celestial event of exceptional importance: the conjunction between  Saturn in Aquarius  and Jupiter in Aquarius ,  a transit that will pave the way for a new social and economic order. There are new structures that will begin to take shape in the community and in our personal life. The crisis of 2020 has given rise to a sense of discouragement, fear, anxiety for the future. 2021 begins full of expectations: there is a need for news, to imagine new scenarios. Saturn 

 he will play the role of champion of justice and help us put an end to stale old situations, free us from everything that has become too rigid and structured. He could do it through the voice of characters who are more unconventional, strange, “different” or more attentive to the collective good.

Jupiter ,  on the other hand, in the sign of Aquarius ,  is finally free to express itself and promises to open new doors for us, to help us look at the world through a different lens, that of innovation. This will be the key word to get out of the crisis.  Why  innovation ? Because Aquarius is the sign of  progress ,  of technology, of experimentation.

To make a better world, we will need to be able to think outside the box , to experiment with new ideas and revolutionary methods. We will no longer be able to apply the old solutions to the problems of all time, nor will we be able to get things back to the way they used to be. Because the “before” no longer exists.

It will be our ability to reinvent ourselves that will make the difference, by virtue of the fact that:  exceptional situations require exceptional measures ( and ideas ) Green light therefore to renewal, to small or large revolutions, bearing in mind that every change also requires a strong  sense of responsibility,  especially towards the community.

Aquarius is also the sign of altruism, of visionary thought, independence, humanitarian and social associations. For the system to really work, it will be crucial, if not imperative, to put aside our personal interests and use our individual talents for a common purpose.

The obstacles, the crises, the social limitations that we will have to face, will be the sign that we are not going in the right direction. The astrological context of 2021 is characterized by the quadrature that Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will do with Uranus in Taurus:

  • Jupiter-Uranus,  between 13 and 22 January;
  • Saturn-Uranus,  between February 6 and March 3, June 1 and 26 and December 16 and 24.

A quadrature that will highlight two different needs: that of stability and security of the Bull , with that of change and transformation of the Aquarius . If on the one hand we will be driven by the desire to accumulate personal goods and resources ( Taurus ); on the other hand, it will become increasingly evident that the only way to overcome difficulties will be to reshape society on the basis of new and more altruistic principles ( Aquarius ).

Love in 2021

2021 will be a year of  freedom . A word that at this moment of our life takes on a particular meaning, considering that during 2020 the Coronavirus emergency imposed, as we all know, significant restrictions on our freedom of movement and aggregation.

The measures imposed by the government to limit the spread of the infection have not only had an effect on the perception of our personal freedom, but have also significantly changed our way of relating to each other.

Spacing, was the recurring word of 2020. A word that is well suited to the Capricorn symbol, a sign that tends to be cautious, suspicious in relationships. The restrictions and the fear of contagion have given rise to a more severe, “heavier” climate, in which, willy-nilly, we found ourselves being more restrained, more suspicious in relationships.

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