Spiked mat: properties and benefits

Spiked mat: properties and benefits

Receive a massage while lying “comfortably”? It is possible, thanks to the spiked mat that acts according to the acupressure of traditional Chinese medicine.


Spiked mat: what it is and why it works

The spiked mat is a simple yoga mat , usually made of plastic and soft material, sprinkled with small nails , also in plastic materials and with a rounded tip. 


What is it for? The spiked mat was invented in the 1960s and its benefits have been widely recognized ever since.


The small spikes with which this mat is sprinkled have the ability to perform a massage along the acupoints of traditional Chinese medicine . 


In this way , those who lie down receive a complete passive massage on the whole body . The principle for which the spiked mat works is therefore the same for which acupuncture and shiatsu massage work : the stimulation of the meridians and tsubo which has beneficial reflections on organs and viscera.


The use is that of a mat on which to rest : lying on the mat, the nails, usually in hypoallergenic and certified material, press lightly on the body, exploiting the person’s own weight and thus avoiding overloads. 


It can be used at any time of the day, for as long as you prefer, and in any condition: even in cases where you feel pain, such as back pain or joint pain  or headache , lying on the spiked mat allows you to relax. and releasing tension that can be both the cause and the consequence of the pain itself. 


It is enough to have a few minutes available, even 5 can be enough, and a small space of free floor. At first the nails, which are not sharp enough to tear the skin, could give a minimum of discomfort, but with the passing of the minutes the feeling of discomfort gives way to general well-being and relaxation . The skin itself also benefits directly from the pressure of the nails. 


Spiked mat: benefits

That acupressure is good for body and spirit is now a fact confirmed by years of practice and numerous studies. The spiked mat, exploiting the same physiological and energetic mechanism of acupuncture, brings the same benefits. 


In particular, lying comfortably on the spiked mat for 10-15 minutes a day can bring the following benefits : 


  • release of oxytocin : it is the hormone of well -being , and has the function of regulating blood pressure , body temperature and modulating the immune defenses ;
  • regulates metabolism ;
  • improves blood circulation ;
  • improves superficial lymphatic circulation ;
  • helps in the natural process of disposal and expulsion of toxins ;
  • oxygenates the skin and tissues more;
  • it directly stimulates the neuromotor system, with benefits on the muscles ;
  • relaxes major muscle tension , often responsible for neck pain, headache, back pain and sciatica ;
  • decreases stress ;
  • improves the sleep-wake cycle and, with it, appetite;
  • relax deeply;
  • it can act as a mild pain reliever when used regularly and for more than 15 minutes a day.

The contraindications are minimal: obviously it is not recommended for those with skin problems, such as wounds, eczema, herpes, for those suffering from capillary fragility and for those with circulation problems. Finally, it is to be used with caution during pregnancy. 

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