Natural cures for depression

Natural cures for depression

Depression does not have a precise time and place, it has always existed: it can have causes that can be biological, linked to “brain chemistry”, or psychological, connected with the individual history of the person and the events of life that may have traumatized them . Let’s see how to defeat it naturally!

Natural cures for depression

Depression is a pathology characterized by a lowering of vital energy, it can happen suddenly and at any age, and mood is the first thing that is compromised. If a person suffering from depression no longer wants to eat, the same activities that he did with joy begin to do them in a listless way, until they become a burden or uninteresting.

Depression: how to recognize it

The consequences of depression can affect performance at work, love life and social relationships in general, becoming a major obstacle, as well as a major daily problem. The defeats then only feed the vicious circle of depression, to the point of leading the person to tragic actions.

So, before reaching this point, it is first of all good to know how to recognize this particular and delicate moment . If you recognize yourself in some of these behaviors, do not hesitate to warn yourself, becoming more aware of what is around you and consulting your doctor.

How to cure depression with herbal remedies?

Natural cures for depression

Depression is a dark and particular evil, there are several triggers and so are the possible cures. There are drugs and pills on the market that are able to bring back a smile. But one often wonders if it really is a healthy smile. In addition to this possibility, there are solutions based on natural remedies for the milder forms of depression .

Hypericum , also known as St. John ‘s wort, is, for example, an optimal plant in this sense, one of the best natural cures against depression. This plant has antidepressant properties and is recommended in natural capsules, infusions, mother tinctures or in the form of oil for external use, in chronic depressions.

Depression can also be cured thanks to aromatherapy : among the essential oils that can be considered good natural remedies for depression are:  verbena essential oil ,  neroli oil, marjoram essential oil , lemon balm, rosemary and the lesser known frankincense or olibanum oil, obtained from a shrub in Somalia with an unpronounceable name, or Boswellia carterii Birdw. 

Among the natural remedies effective against depression , which help to prevent and overcome it, there are sports and physical activity in general: yoga , but also shiatsu , autogenic training , disciplines that favor deep breathing and relaxation. Let’s not forget running in the open air, swimming, cycling : sport, whether aerobic or anaerobic, increases endorphins and leads us to smile more. Endorphins are chemical substances of an organic nature produced by the brain, substances that help us regulate mood and stabilize the mood, and which are endowed with properties similar to those of morphine and opium, of an analgesic and exciting type. .

Pay attention to how we eat : depression can also hide behind a drop in vitamins (of group B in particular), magnesium, zinc . Green light to a healthy diet rich in substances that can do us good, including mineral salts, fatty acids and omega 3.

Nutrition is one of the best natural cures for depression !

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