Miley Cyrus’ diet: what the singer does to keep fit

Miley Cyrus’ diet: what the singer does to keep fit

Miley Cyrus , despite how she appears on stage, is actually a real health fan.
She does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, does not use drugs.

She has avoided any illegal or harmful substance since 2012, and since 2014 she has been following a gluten-free vegan diet which she believes was what allowed her to lose many kilos, going from the “Disney / Hanna Montana” phase to the lean rock star physique she has. maintained in recent years.

He does not engage in intense sporting activity. In this article we see specifically what Miley Cyrus eats and how she does it to keep fit.


Miley has been vegan for years, but she also excluded gluten from her life due to non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

So eat rice, fake grains like quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, gluten-free oats, teff, plus fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and soy products like tempeh and fermented tofu sticks. He drinks almond and coconut milk instead of regular or soy milk, and doesn’t mind sweets, like vegan brownies. Basically, in the morning, eat a smoothie with fruit, almond or coconut milk, hemp seeds or almond butter or avocado. For lunch, eat a plate of stir-fried mixed vegetables with brown rice and chopped tempeh. For dinner, a salad or a vegetable cream with legumes. However, he loves french fries and fruit sorbets.

Miley Cyrus’ physical activity includes a half-hour session of Pilates and two daily yoga sessions, which she is a fan of, and to which she attributes both her stamina on stage and her sculpted abs and flexibility.


  • As we have seen, Miley Cyrus’s diet is strictly vegan. Those who prefer a transitional mode can have a weekly egg meal or include some cheese or Greek yogurt in the diet.
  • Those who want to imitate Miley should still take supplements, such as yeast tablets, iron from vegan sources, vitamin B12 and a calcium supplement.
  • In the morning you can eat a fruit with a spoonful of hemp seeds and drink a drink based on coconut vegetable milk + a scoop of vegan pea protein, for a total of 300 calories. Or a smoothie with a fruit, a glass of soy milk, a teaspoon of chia seeds and 50 grams of avocado.
  • At lunch you can opt for a salad with a hectogram of drained legumes, raw vegetables such as peppers, vegetables such as songino, a drizzle of oil and a hectogram of boiled quinoa or brown rice or sweet corn, for a total of 400 calories .
  • For dinner, a pound of grilled tofu and a plate of stir-fry vegetables (i.e. sautéed in a pan with a little oil) plus a roasted sweet potato or potato and a spoonful of mixed seeds, for the same calories as lunch.
  • Snacks with a few almonds or a soy yogurt or fruit.

For the activity , there is a very nice portal that combines pilates with yoga, providing classes with exercise videos for twenty euros per month of registration. Registration provides unlimited access to classes, per month. It is called Alo Moves.
For example, try Ashley Galvin’s lessons to sculpt your body in thirty days.
Another portal that I recommend for those who want to try to keep fit with yoga is the Yoga International portal which offers thirty days of free yoga. For those who do not know English, the coach Denise Dellagiacoma  offers trials and various courses, you can find her on youtube, as well as La Scimmia Yoga.

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