Megan Roosevelt’s Juice Diet: The 5 Day Plan

Megan Roosevelt’s Juice Diet: The 5 Day Plan

Weight off in 5 days of a purifying diet , based on fruit and vegetable juices, for a total detox to be repeated occasionally when we want to lose some weight and increase energy levels: this is what nutritionist Megan Roosevelt recommends, who in his ” Diet of the centrifuge ” (published by Newton Compton) he explains how to regenerate with a liquid diet program consisting of five meals of fruit and vegetables a day between centrifuged and smoothies. In the book you can choose from as many as 100 liquid meal recipes in which at the same time we say goodbye for five days to coffee and any food that excites the nervous system too much, such as alcohol. But be careful: the centrifuge dietit is not a liquid diet only. Roosevelt explains that chewing is an important process to feel the sense of satiety and contentment of food, and she therefore offers several snacks as well as smoothie and smoothie recipes. In the five days of the centrifuge diet, you therefore take centrifuged juices to fill up on vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables, and smoothies and snacks to add satiating fiber. The result is: weight loss, better, glowing skin, better digestion and a flat stomach. On page two we see the diet in detail. (CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO)

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