Now that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has shown itself in a first trailer with Venom, let’s try to understand what we can expect from this sequel.

After waiting for it for almost four years, with a brief parenthesis dedicated to the spin-off Spider-Man: Miles Morales , we finally had the opportunity to see the very first trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 , shown during yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase . That Insomniac Games was working on a sequel to the very successful video game released in 2018 was certainly no secret, but seeing for the first time what the new title dedicated to Wall Climbing has in store for all of us still managed to ignite the spirits of all fans. Despite the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set for a distant 2023, we already have several clues as to what we will see in the game and we can start pulling the very first theories after the trailer shown at the event, which saw Peter and Miles meet the terrifying Venom for the first time .

Before proceeding with the reading of the article, we inform you that there may be major and minor spoilers on the plot of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In case you do not want to run into advances of any kind, we therefore invite you not to continue further.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales

The first trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 showed us Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting alongside each other. If already in the spin-off dedicated to the younger Spider-Man we had the opportunity to see both Spider-Man act together, in this new chapter this factor could be even more accentuated. In fact, we expect to be able to use both heroes, perhaps with some moments and missions dedicated to one of the two characters and with the possibility of being able to choose at will who to use while swinging among the skyscrapers of a New York even larger and full of details . Also regarding the plot, we believe the relationship between Peter and Milesit will be really important. According to our hypotheses, in fact, the great friendship and deep respect that binds the two characters could represent a great strength for the adventure and could even lead to a moving conflict .

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The Black Costume in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The strong bond between Peter Parker and Miles Morales may have to collide with an important factor: the presence of the symbiote . Now that we have confirmation that Venom will be in the game, it’s easy to expect an encounter between Peter and the symbiote, which could lead to the creation of the hugely popular and iconic Black Costume . As we saw in the Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales finale , the symbiote won’t come from outer space, like in the Classic Universe comics. Insomniac Games has in fact taken inspiration from the Ultimate Universe , proposing a version of the symbiote created in the laboratory . The new Black Suitof Peter could lead him to unlock new abilities, which we hope will reflect on the gameplay in a similar way to what happened with the excellent Spider-Man: Web of Shadows , and to accentuate his most negative feelings , so much so as to bring him to the aforementioned clash with Miles.

Marvels Spider-Man 2

Kraven’s last hunt

In the face of Venom’s majestic stage presence, there is unfortunately a character who has passed on a bit on the sly. The narrator of the first trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 would seem to be that of another famous enemy of our friendly neighborhood wall climber. The unmistakable accent and bleak talk about finding a worthy opponent can obviously only belong to Kraven the Hunter , one of Spider-Man’s historical enemies, as well as the main antagonist of one of the most beautiful comic stories dedicated to Spider-Man ever. Kraven’s last hunt it could in fact be an excellent starting point for the plot of the new title Insomniac Games, which may have chosen to take inspiration and adapt this narrative arc. However, it remains to be discovered how Sergei Kravinoff will meet Venom.

Marvels Spiderman 2

Venom: Harry Osborn or Eddie Brock?

The confirmation of Venom ‘s presence didn’t surprise us too much. The endings of the two previous games, as mentioned before, had already given us great clues as to the direction Insomniac Games intends to take with regards to this character. It took a few terrifying seconds to make our skin crawl and to make the proverbial hype skyrocket, and if by now the doubts about its design (which seems simply incredible) have been averted, we cannot say the same for the guest of the symbiont. In Marvel’s Spider-Man we found out that Harry Osbornunfortunately he is afflicted by the same illness as his mother and that his father Norman, in the hope and waiting to find a cure, forced him to a sort of cryogenesis . The cure seems to be the symbiote, but will Harry take on the role of Venom?

The Insomniac team, in this case, may have been inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series , which shows Harry Osborn using the symbiote, at first, to help Spider-Man. We also know that within the Insomniac Gamerverse, Eddie Brock exists and has already met Peter, as confirmed by an easter egg in the first chapter. To get Peter’s abilities , however, the symbiote will have to fall into Peter’s hands. A viable option could be to present the symbiote linked to Harry Osborn and subsequently merge it with the Spider-Man costume to finally move on to Eddie Brock, who would host the definitive version of Venom.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Norman Osborn as Green Goblin in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Another clue that comes directly from the first chapter of the Insomniac Games series, is the transformation of Norman Osborn into Green Goblin . The typical armament of the Goblin was in fact present in the first game and was easily visible in one of the last missions of the main plot. However , Spider-Man ‘s archenmesis could simply pull the strings in this second chapter, then take on the guise of the Green Goblin and face Peter Parker and Miles Morales directly in a third and final chapter . However, it remains obvious that Norman Osborn’s role will be pivotal in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Marvels Spider-Man 2

Dr. Connors and the symbiote: will we see Lizard in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Another villain could come straight from Oscorp . The ending of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales  has introduced for the first time Dr. Curtis Connors who most will know for his monstrous alter ego, Lizard . Also in that short video, in which Norman asks Dr. Connors to wake up Harry Osborn, it is possible to notice that the latter is without an arm , like in the comics. The constant work on the cure of Harry – and therefore the symbiote – could somehow allow Connors to discover the formula that will transform him into the Lizard.

Marvels Spider-Man 2

The meeting with Wolverine

The biggest surprise of the PlayStation Showcase was undoubtedly the announcement of another title in the works at Insomniac Games, a work that very few players could have imagined. Marvel’s Wolverine  was born from the collaboration of the software house of Ratchet & Clank , Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel , another title of which we know very little for now but which could offer countless particularly intriguing and noteworthy ideas.

Marvels Spider-Man 2

The video game dedicated to the mutant with the claws in adamantine could represent a first and very important step towards a shared videogame universe . It would therefore be possible that, just to introduce the character of Logan , he is present in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and meets Peter and Miles, a look at the character that would thus prepare all gamers for his actual debut when the game is ready for release. .

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